1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



History of Alderson High School and Alderson West Virginia

Since the Aldersonian was a school newspaper, it wasn't all about the high school. It also included news of what was going on in Alderson. Here on the Aldersonian web site, not only do we have the history of Alderson Schools, we have current news and town history going back to when the Alderson area was just a settlement. So starting in 1777, there's a lot to read. You better get started.


Alderson Schools History

The Alderson High School Band  Pictures, Majorettes, Testimonies - Band Members
AHS Football Under Abe McLaughlin  26 Year Pictorial History of Alderson's Football teams
AHS Basketball Under Abe McLaughlin
Nine Girls Club
Cheer Leaders
Principals of Alderson High School
History of Alderson Schools  Alderson has had many schools
Alderson Academy
History of The Aldersonian  The official newspaper of two of Alderson's schools.
Lyrics To Alderson High School's Song  - Lyle Herod

Town of Alderson History and Surrounding Area

History of Alderson - From the Journal of the Greenbrier Historical Society on Alderson - Barry Worrell*
Did You Know: Fun and interesting facts. - Various sources
West Virginia History On View - 32 pages of photos with information on Alderson
The Y. M. C. A / Y. W. C. A  in Alderson
"The Mountains Speak" A Collection Of 3 Stories
History Of African Americans In Alderson - Various sources
The Alderson Advertiser - Articles from one of Alderson's early newspaper. - Tom Dameron*
Memories of the FWR - Stories about one person's accounts of the Women's Prison - John McCurdy*
Pictorial History of Alderson by Tom Dixon from his book, "Only Yesterday in Alderson"*
Historical Photos  Alderson history captured in pictures.
Pictorial History of the Alderson Depot
History of Alderson Memorial Bridge
Renovation of an Alderson Landmark, the Bridge
Alderson's Ferry
Alderson Iron Works
C & O Presentation of the Rail Car, "City of Alderson
Pence Springs Airport - Causby Parker
West Virginia State Fair
The Greenbrier Milling Company - Photos - Rich Parker
Alderson Depot Renovation Pictorial

Remembers the chimes that came from out of the tower of the Baptist Church? They’re still there, and thanks to Causby Parker, who recorded them, you can hear them again. Click on the play button.

* Denotes Series

Alderson's Citizen's Profiles

Percy H. Hullings - "Music Man"
Beth Fields - Alderson's Beautician
Alderson Pharmacy
Alderson's Store
F. G. Lobban Company
Mr. Townley: Businessman
Red Nickell and his Store
Mary Estella Nelson - Teacher
Coach A. A. McLaughlin
Bill Simmons
Charles David Nash
Did You Know: Fun and interesting facts. - Various sources