Alderson High School Basketball
The Alderson Indians

Under Coach Abe McLaughlin

Alderson High School, Alderson, W. Va. 1936 - 1962


1937 - 1962

Throughout his career at Alderson High School, Coach McLaughlin has always fielded a representative Basketball Team, and many of his players can well recall the long winter nights of travel to visit our neighboring opponents. Unfortunately, his Basketball Teams did not enjoy the same degree of success as did his Football Teams. Most of his Basketball Players were also the principals of the Football Team, and far too often the desire required by the active physical contact of the Football overcame the speed, skill and coordination required by the Basketball. Nevertheless, there were many fine Basketball Teams, who, on any given occasion, could give any opponent all it could handle, and most of our teams could boast of an even split in the won and lost column.

During the early l940's and late l950's our Basketball Teams played on equal terms with the best in the Valley, and at least two of the more recent teams advanced to the finals in Regional Tournament play before being eliminated in the State Championship Playoffs . Most certainly, Coach usually found one or two players each year who were proficient at the game and around whom a team could be built.

Unfortunately, no record was kept of the Basketball Teams over the years, and since the team records are not available, and as only a few of the team pictures could be located, no attempt has been made to give a detailed illustration of the Basketball Teams. Those team pictures which are available are printed on the following pages. It is regretted that all of the pictures could not be located.


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