Alderson High School, Alderson, W. Va. 1936 - 1962

The Cheerleaders

No Commentary of Athletic Events at Alderson High School would be complete without specific reference to a group of three girls who have served our sports program so devotedly during these many years. The Cheerleaders are and have been a truly hard working group who have so often given of their time and talent to the limit of their call to duty in support of our athletic program.

At practically every contest where Abe McLaughlin's Indians have appeared, there were also three Cheerleaders present, dressed in Maroon and Grey, and giving their best in support of our team. This group of girls have most certainly been unrewarded and over looked in their activities. They have always responded to the duties which devolved upon them, and far too often without the recognition and compliments of the teams they have served so well.

The Cheerleaders are composed of three girls, one from each of the upper three classes, with a new Cheerleader selected each year from the Sophomore Class to replace the graduating Senior. Each girl is elected by popular vote, and is always one of the class leaders who continues their leadership as a Cheerleader.

To our Nine Girls and Cheerleaders, may all of the players and students of Alderson High School join in extending a warm and sincere thank you.

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