Compiled by Tom Dameron

The Advertiser Index of Pages Reported


The Alderson Advertiser was a early newspaper in Alderson from 1899 to 1939. A few years ago, several town organizations and donations secured the microfilm of the existing Advertiser and they are now stored in the Alderson Library for all to see if you are in Alderson. Tom Dameron, while pursuing the contents, got the idea of coping articles from the newspaper and sending them to the Aldersonian Website; a most aggressive project since it has to be done by mechanical means.  With years and years of material to chose from, this will be a never-ending and difficult task, but to have all readers to be able to view the gems that lie within, I think well worth it. I congratulate Tom for his willingness to do this and I'm sure you also will agree after reading these pages.  We will try to keep these articles in chronological and relative order.


Date and Subject

1927: The Old Home Town - Subject - A poem by J. R. Shanklin
1929: Christmas - Subject - Christmas Memories - Two Articles From the Advertiser
1928-29: November 18, 2008 - Subject - 1928/1929 AHS Football Season
1936: January 24, 1936 - Subject: Social and Weather issues.
  May 29, - September 4, 1936 - Subject: Abe McLaughlin & AHS Football

September 26, 1936 - Subject - Alderson versus Ansted Football Game

  October 3, 1936 - Subject - Alderson versus Greenbank / Elementary School Honor Roll
  October 30, 1936 - Subject - Alderson Marches Toward 1936 Championship
  November 7-26, 1936 - Subject - Alderson Concludes 1936 Season - Wins Championship!
Article: August 25, 2008 - Tom Dameron - Subject: Various
1937: August 17, 1937 - Subject: Alleghany Collage at Blue Sulphur Springs
Article: September 04, 2008 - Tom Dameron - Subject: Various
Article: September 15, 2008 - Tom Dameron - Subject: 1937 AHS Football Team