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(Photo by Calvin Shepherd - Use By Permission)
Alderson West Virginia - A History
Acknowledgement: Kenneth D. Swope A   history   of   this   kind   could   not   be   written   without   the   help   of   many   people.   As   various   events   and   subjects   are recounted   I   have   tried   to   credit   those   who   have   furnished   information,   lent   me   books   or   documents,   or   written   a chronicle of various kinds. However, there are several who must be thanked for special help. Joseph   N.   Alderson,   my   father-in-law,   has   lent   me   his   fine   collection   of   papers   and   valuable   books.   Mrs.   Agnes Cooke   has   helped   me   by   loan   of   records   and   has   given   me   information   about   several   subjects.   Mrs. Ashworth   of   the West   Virginia   Department   of Archives   and   History   directed   me   to   fine   sources   of   information,   made   copies   of   records and   looked   up   references.   E.   R.   (Pike)   Fletcher,   Jr.   has   been   of   great   help   in   records   of   war   veterans,   as   has   Walter B.   Rogers,   Jr.   Miss   Hallie   Jones   and   Roy   Coffmann   of   the   Alderson   schools   also   helped   me.   Rodgers   McVey   gave me   a   mass   of   information.   The   Reverend   John   Wagster,   the   Reverend   Elwin   Roberts   and   several   other   persons connected with the churches cooperated.   Tracy   Leach,   Carl   Bivens,   J.   Frank   Nash,   Charles   D.   Horn,   Miss   Gladys   Bowman,   J.   Herbert   Jones,   Miss   Crelia   A. Jones,   Richard   .   Weikel   all   gave   help.   Duncan   Johnston   gave   a   lot   of   information   about   the   Post   Office   and newspapers.   E.   W.   Cooper   and   staff   of   the   Greenbrier   County   Board   of   Education   assisted   me.   Cooper   Dawson furnished Camp Greenbrier data. There are so many I cannot list them all. My   wife,   Frances   Alderson   Swope,   who   loves   Alderson   with   all   her   heart,   has   edited,   corrected   and   revised   this history. She amassed much of the information at Kanawha County Public Library. She is the co-author of this history. Kenneth D. Swope, Lewisburg, West Virginia -  July, 1964 Conclusion The   writer   assures   the   reader   this   history   contains   errors.   Those   of   commission   have   been   made   through   ignorance or   incorrect   information.   Errors   of   omission   are   for   the   same   reasons,   or   lack   of   space   or   lack   of   time   or   materials   for research.   This   history   was   written   at   the   request   of   Greenbrier   Historical   Society.   Of   course,   the   writer   received   no financial   remuneration.   It   has   been   an   interesting   and   historically   profitable   experience   delving   into   the   past   of   his home   town.   Those   who   may   feel   persons   or   events   should   have   had   a   place,   or   more   space,   please   add   your chronicle to this one. - Kenneth D. Swope
The contents contained in this series is copyrighted and the sole property of The Greenbrier Historical Society - Lewisburg, WV Used by permission - November 18, 2008
But in my mind, she is restored, and I’m a child again, to walk the streets with no shoes on, and play all day with friends”. - Barry Worrell
This   history   is   a   compilation   of   several   sources.   The   majority   of   the   text   is   from   the   1964   publication   of   “The   Journal   Of   The   Greenbrier   Historical Society   on   Alderson,   West   Virginia",   by   Kenneth   D.   Swope,   and   is   no   longer   in   print.   However,   it   is   fortunate   that   permission   to   use   it   here   has   been granted   by   The   Greenbrier   Historical   Society   in   Lewisburg,   West   Virginia.   I   wish   to   thank   Jim   Talbert   and   the   G.   H.   S.    for   their   permission to   use   the material.  The   complete   text   of   the   journal   is   intact,   while   pictures   from   Thomas   Dixon,   Margaret   Hambrick,   Barbara   Hullings,   Ward   Parker,   Tom   Roush,   Barry Worrell,   U.   S.   Library   of   Congress,   old   postcards   and   miscellaneous   sources,   have   been   placed   through   out   to   add   relevancy   to   this   presentation. There   is   additional   information   that   is   italicized   to   distinguish   it   from   the   original   text   of   Mr.   Swope’s   work.   Also,   I   have   also   added   a   few   pages   of history   not   included   in   the   Mr.   Swope’s   Journal.      I   do   not   feel   this   is   a   betrayal   of   the   integrity   of   Mr.   Swope’s   work   for   he   invites   external   involvement with additions to his history at the end of his acknowledgement below. This   work   covers   the   time   span   from   1671   to   1964,   but   since   1964,   major   changes   have   taken   place   in   Alderson,   as   it   has   in   many   small   towns   all over   the   country.   However,   someone   else   will   have   to   write   that   history.     Alderson   is   not   the   same   little   town   it   was   many   years   ago   and   certainly   not the   way   I   remembered   it   growing   up,   but   it   still   has   charm,   evidence   of   restoration   and   renewal,   and   even   a   certain   degree   of   celebrity   that   you   will   find as you read these pages.  I hope you find value in this history and I dedicated it to all who love Alderson as I do.
The History of Alderson, West Virginia From The Journal Of The Greenbrier Historical Society On  Alderson, West Virginia Written by Kenneth D. Swope - Compiled and Transcribed by Barry Worrell