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The Alderson Pharmacy Building

Barry Worrell - March 15, 2010

To the left is a picture where the drug store was, and still is, in Alderson. This picture was taken about 1930. On the right side of the building is the sign with Rexall at the top and Drugs down the front of the sign. Rexall was the name of a chain of North American drugstores, as well as the name of their store-branded products.

When I came to Alderson in the winter of '40-'41, my mother rented the upstairs of the building for our residents and beauty shop. I don't remember the porch or the sign. Both must have been removed before we got to Alderson. Dr. Smith ran the drug store but I don't know when he started or ended.

This is the building today. The porch and the door to the out side was restored to the original look of 1930.

While we were there, there was no door or porch. The beauty shop was in the room on the right with the two windows facing the street. There was just a window in the middle and my bedroom was on the other side.

It seems there was always a gap between the right side of the building and the building next door, which is where Andy Russell had his clothing store. I can't make out in the picture above what is there, but it looks like a sign or maybe a old gas pump.

I remember there were stairs to access the apartment above Russell's store, and a fence with gate that covered the entrance to the little alley that led to behind the stores. As kids, we use to use that as a short cut.

On the left was Mick or Mack's grocery store, where I got my first job as a teen. In the old picture there is a second story, but was not there when we arrived. I use to play on the rooftop of Mick or Mack's. Got some good shots off with a bean shooter and even dropped a few water balloons on some folks.

My information is limited and I'm sure some of you could add to the history. If fact, I'm counting on it. Just leave your 2 cents in the comments box below and we all will learn more about our town.

Alderson Pharmacy Vol 2. Photos

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