Alderson High School, Alderson, W. Va. 1936 - 1962

The Nine Girls Club

9 Girls Club 1950

Left to Right: Ellen Lobban; Mary McThenia, Edna Supthin, Wilma Anderson; Jean Tyree, Helen Mayes, Dreama Skaggs
In Front  Carolyn Johnson and Kitty Honaker 

First Row: Carolyn Patterson, President: Debbie Bowyer, Vice President: Judy Bowyer, Sec.-Treas. Margaret Knapp
Second Row: Carole Fitzgerald, Sue Dietz, Cheryl Baker, Donna Cole, Theresa Lemons

Linda Pittenger, Sue Dietz, Debbie Bowyer, Louise McClung, Lou Ann Smith, Carolyn Patterson, Judy Bowyer.  Two girls in center Margaret Knapp and Theresa Lemons.

9 Girls Reunion

Row 1
Dorothy Boyd Lowe
Pearl Butcher McCurdy
Glenna Grose Cather
Joanne Johnson Frazier
Coach A. A. McLaughlin
Ruth Walkup Bragg
Janice Baker Farmer
Linda Pittenger Loudermilk.
Wanda Bostic Feamster
Row 2
Marjorie Malley Lobban
Sherri Feamster Jenkins
Sylvia Fitzgerald Kessler
Carole Fitzgerald Thomas
Betty Thompson
Mary Louise McClung Stephens
Betty Hawks Wade
Dorothy Craft Taylor
Margaret Bland Cash
Row 3
Beverly Feamster Pack
Jean Garvin Rountree
Margaret S. Kincaid
Ann Hedrick Phillips
Betty Phillips Walthall
Jean Gwinn Hillis
Mary Ellen Christian Reese
Patty Thurmond Goff
Jean Tyree Bills
Kitty Honaker Ellard

Row 4
Peggy Hanna Sampson
Carol Thomas Cadle
Rosaline Phillips Shafer
Edwina Highlander Fraser
Shirley Cole Taylor
Florence Smith McCarty
Virginia Steele
Elizabeth Housby Bryant
Dreama Skaggs Hennessee
Nettie Smith Baker

The Nine Girls Club was founded by Coach McLaughlin in 1937 to assist in the management of the financial affairs of the School Athletic Program. Its membership is composed of nine girls, taken from the Senior and Junior Classes, who have worked as a club continuously since its beginning in active support of the athletic program.

Coach McLaughlin can well recall his arrival here when he found only eleven red jerseys, little equipment, and an empty till. The Nine Girls, immediately after their organization, began to assist in raising money to support the program. The early Clubs reclaimed used note books from the Grade School, and with ink eradicator and erasers, cleaned and resold the note books. They also made plaques for sale to the public and never hesitated to tackle any team booster they found without one. Thanks to the efforts of Coach, and successful teams, coupled with the dedicated and sincere assistance of the Nine Girls, our teams soon became the best equipped teams in the Valley.

Since the formation of the Nine Girls Club, they have, without exception, worked at every athletic event and have helped with the financial affairs of the athletic program. From humble beginnings as illustrated above, throughout their existence to the present, they have continuously and diligently applied themselves to the job to be done.

As Coach himself has stated, "Over the years, the Nine Girls, with very little supervision and assistance, have most certainly contributed materially to the success of the School Athletic Program, and they have consistently done so without special recognition of the valuable services which they have rendered to me and to our teams." To him, their activities have helped make his association here a pleasant and successful one. It is a pleasure at this time to express the gratitude and sentiment of the players and students of Alderson High School to the Nine Girls Club, and to thank them for a job well done.


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