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The 1950’s Fabulous Foursome! This   is   a   fan   site   of   the   original   Diamonds   of   the   1950s. All hailing   from   Canada,   they   made   their   way   to      the   U.   S., and   with   their   songs   and   energy,   endeared   themselves   to their fans forever.
history of: history of:
Phil   Levitt:    When   Phil   and   his   friend Stan     Fisher     met     Ted     Kowalski     at University   of   Toronto,   the   beginnings   of the Diamonds was unfolding.     
Ted    Kowalski:     Ted    was    a    fine    tenor, brought   levity,   and   he   also   brought   Bill Reed. Things were falling into place.
Dave   Somerville:    Dave   started   out   as a    “tutor-manager”    for    the    group,    but because   of   a   law   exam,   he   became the lead singer, and the rest is history. 
Personnel   Changes:    There   were   4   other gentlemen   who   replaced   the   four   original Diamonds.   They   continued   the   legacy   of this fine group.
“Little Darlin’”: The story of the song.
“Where Mary Go”: The story of the song.
The   “Juno   Award”:    The   Diamonds induction   into   the   Canadian   Music Hall    of    Fame    in    1984.    One    of several Halls of Fame See others.
Bill   Reed:    Bill,   an   excellent   bass   singer, heeded    the    call    and    the    soon    to    be “Diamonds” was now in sight. 
The    Diamonds:     After    the    Diamonds had   been   on   the   scene   for   a   few   years, they   recorded   “Little   Darlin”.   Would   the world ever be the same again?
2004 Article on the Diamonds by A. Merey. 2009 Article on Tenor Ted Kowalski by A. Merey.