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The 1950’s Fabulous Foursome! This   is   a   fan   site   of   the   original   Diamonds   of   the   1950s. All hailing   from   Canada,   they   made   their   way   to      the   U.   S., and   with   their   songs   and   energy,   endeared   themselves   to their fans forever.
Singles of The Diamonds & Mp3s
These   singles   cover   the   recordings   of   the   Coral   and   Mercury   releases   and   include   the   members   of   all   four   “versions”   of   the   Diamonds. Singing are Phil Levitt, Ted Kowalski, Bill Reed, Dave Somerville, Mike Douglas, Evan Fisher, John Felten, and Jim Malone. Although   the   Diamonds   were   known   for   being   a   cover   group,   most   of   their   recordings   were   not   covers.   (More   on   the   subject   of   “covers”.)   Listed   below   are   their   original   recordings   and   and   their   cover   songs.   It   also   states   who   had   the   original   song   that   they   covered.   Hear   a sample by clicking on the  Play Buttons of the songs you wish to hear. The   Diamonds   released   five   albums   under   the   Mercury   lable.   Over   the   years   there   have   been   many   compilation   albums   and   they   vary from   12   songs   to   the   4   CD   set   with   86   songs!   On   the   “Albums”       page   there   are   nine   albums   that   have   sample   mp3s   of   each   song   from that album. Along with the singles on this page, you should be able to listen to just about every song they recorded!
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1955 - The Coral Recordings
Black Denim Trousers & Motorcycle Boots Nip Sip Smooch Me Be My Lovin Baby
Play Title
Original Artist
Cover Cover  Original  Original
The Cheers  The Clovers
Why Do Fools Fall In Love You Baby You Church Bells May Ring Little Girl Of Mine Love, Love, Love E'vry Night About This Time Soft Summer Breeze Ka-Ding-Dong My Judge And Jury Put Your House In Order A Thousand Miles Away Every Minute Of The Day Moonglow
Cover Cover Cover Cover Cover Original Original Cover Original Original Cover Original Original
Frankie Lymon/Teenagers The Cleftones The Willows The Cleftones The Clovers The G-Clefs The Heartbeats
Little Darlin                 Faithful And True Words Of  Love  *             (See Video) Don't Say Goodbye Oh How I Wish Zip Zip Silhouettes Honey Bird Daddy Cool The Stroll Land Of Beauty Straight Skirts Patsy
Cover Original Original Original Original Original Cover Original Cover Original Original Cover Original
The Gladiolas The Rays The Rays Gene Summers
*Although   The   Diamonds'   version   of   'Words   Of   Love'   is   often   cited   as   a   cover   of   the   Buddy   Holly   recording,   this   is not   the   case.      While   it   is   not   known   who   was   first   to   actually   record   the   song,   The   Diamonds   version   was   released before the Holly recording and is noticeably different in arrangement and tempo to Buddy's version.
High Sign Don't Let Me Down Kathy O Happy Years Where Mary Go        See Note Below * Honey Passion Flower Walking Along Eternal Lovers
Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Revival Original
The Solitaires**
*This was originally recorded for the 1957 movie The Big Beat, then again for the recording which was released in 1958. (See the story of Where Mary Go)
She Say From The Bottom Of  My Heart Gretchen A Mother's Love Sneaky Alligator Holding Your Hand The Twenty Second Day Young In Years Oh Carol Believe Me Walkin The Stroll
Original Cover Original Original Cover Original Original Original Cover Cover Original
The Clovers Ellis Brothers
Neil Sedaka The Royal Teens
Tell The Truth Real True Love San Antonio Rose Slave Girl The Pencil Song You'd Be Mine The Crumble
Original Original Original Original Original Original Original
I Sho' Lawd Will You Short Changed Me The Munch Woomai-Ling One Summer Night It's A Doggone Shame Horizontal Lieutenant Vanishing American
Original Original Original Original Revival Original Original Original
The Danleers
Sleigh Ride*
*This   was   released   about   1995   and   was   listed   as   "The   Diamonds",   but   it's   Dave   Somerville   singing   all   the   parts.   It is   part   of   a   compilation   called   "   A   Most   Excellent   Poppin'   Oldies   Christmas "   and   is   available   on   the   internet   from several   sources.   Note   the   Little   Darlin'   style   with   cowbell   and   "Hup-Do-Waddys"   in   the   background.   It’s   also   not the first time Dave has been a one man quartet.
Songs Charted On Billboard
1. Why Do Fools Fall In Love 2. The Church Bells May Ring 3. Love, Love, Love 4. Ka-Ding-Dong 5. Soft Summer Breeze 6. Little Darlin’ 7. Words Of Love 8. Zip Zip 9. Silhouettes 10. The Stroll  11. High Sign 12. Kathy-O 13. Happy Years 14. Walking Along 15. She Say (Oom Dooby Doom) 16. One Summer Night
Debut on 02/18/56, Peaked at #12 Debut on 04/21/56, Peaked at #14 Debut on 06/23/56, Peaked at #30 Debut on 09/08/56, Peaked at #35 Debut on 09/22/56, Peaked at #34 Debut on 03/16/57, Peaked at #2   (Gold Certified) Debut on 06/24/57, Peaked at #13 Debut on 08/26/57, Peaked at #16 Debut on 11/04/57, Peaked at #10 (Gold Certified) Debut on 12/30/57, Peaked at #4   (Gold Certified) Debut on 04/14/58, Peaked at #37 Debut on 07/28/58, Peaked at #16 Debut on 08/04/58, Peaked at #73 Debut on 10/27/58, Peaked at #29 Debut on 01/26/59, Peaked at #18 Debut on 07/03/61, Peaked at #22
singles singles
2015 “Anglo   Rhythnblues”   Clever   in   the   fact   that   Dave   Somerville   is   telling   a   brief   history   of   himself   and   his   first   group,   The Diamonds   back   the   1950s.   Interesting   in   the   fact   its   a   80   year   old   guy   that   can   still   belt   out   a   song   in   a   Rock-a-Billy style.   There's   a   surprise   at   the   ending   with   the   placement   of   two   iconic   musical   phrases   from   the   The   Diamonds' biggest   hit,   Little   Darlin'.   For   Diamonds'   fans   it's   a   real   treat.   (Listen   to   a   clip   of Anglo   Rhythmnblues)          /      (Available   thru Amazon)   
November 1956    IF IT’S SUNNY SUNDAY November 1956    THE PENNSYLVANIA WALTZ May 1957    CARBON COPY October 1957    OUR LOVE March 1958    THE ROCKIN’ YEARS May 1958    I JUST WANT TO LOVE YOU May 1958    SHADOWS February 1959  YOU GOT IT BABY April 1959  NEVER ENDING LOVE July 1959  MY FOOLISH HEART August 1959 WILD FEMALE February 1960  YOU’RE FOR ME October 1960  MY BABE November 1961  SORRY I RAN ALL THE WAY HOME
Fourteen Songs The Diamonds Recorded That Were Never Released There   could   be   many   reasons   to   record   a   song   and   then   not   release   it,   so   I’ll   leave   that   to   the   reader   to   decide   what   they   are.   Knowing the   format   that   Mercury   had   for   the   Diamonds,   some   of   these   were   probably   covers.   The   song   “Wild   Female”   was   recorded   by   Frankie Lymon   and   the   Teenagers   and   The   Diamonds   first   hit   was   cover   of   this   group.   Personally   I   would   like   to   have   these   songs,   even,   if they’re bad.
        Dates Titles
**The Solitaires’ version was released in 1956