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The 1950’s Fabulous Foursome! This   is   a   fan   site   of   the   original   Diamonds   of   the   1950s. All hailing   from   Canada,   they   made   their   way   to      the   U.   S., and   with   their   songs   and   energy,   endeared   themselves   to their fans forever.
stan fisher stan fisher
Stan   Fisher   -   Sometimes   an   individual   can   be   a   founding   member   of   a   famous   singing   group   without   ever   making one   recording,   giving   any   concerts,   or   driving   one   mile   on   a   tour   with   that   group.   Such   is   the   case   with   Stan   Fisher.   In many   biographies   of   the   Diamonds,   Stan   is   mentioned   as   singing   lead,   which   he   was,   but   in   others,   he’s   left   out   as   if he was never there. In   our   efforts   to   fill   that   hole   in   history   and   get   an   update,   below   is   a   brief   message   from   Stan.   I   thank   him   for   his contribution to the site and allowing this intrusion into his life today. _Barry Worrell
“Other   than   singing   in   high   school   in   a   quintet   and   glee   club   I   had   no   musical   training.   Phil   and   I   go   back   to   when   we   met   at   the   Y   in   Club Gilmore   when   we   were   about   14   and   became   close   friends.   We   harmonized   a   lot.   When   we   started   university   and   Phil   met   Teddy,   we started singing together in coffee shops, and my basement. Ted brought in Bill and that made us a real quartet like the Lads, the Aces. We   worked   up   a   few   songs   and   decided   to   try   out   for   a   tv   show.   While   waiting   to   be   auditioned   for   the   show   we   were   asked   by   Dave   to audition   for   him.   He   worked   at   CBC   as   a   technician.   He   told   us   we   were   too   good   for   the   talent   show,   so   we   didn't   go   in.   Dave   had   access to studios at CBC so that's where we rehearsed after that. When   I   took   time   off   to   study   for   exams   in   1st   year,   Dave   took   my   place   as   lead.   Later   he   called   to   say   he   was   replacing   me.   Dave   had   the distinctive voice that made the group and the guys made the right decision even if it hurt like hell at the time. I   never   thought   about   a   singing   career.   I   knew   I   would   finish   university.   I   maintained   a   close   relationship   with   the   guys   and   Phil   remained my closest friend to this day. He was best man at my wedding in '57 and my kids still call him uncle Phil. I graduated in law in 59 and called to the bar in 61. Subsequently I acted for the Diamonds in their battle with their manager.” _Stan Fisher His   story   has   similarities   to   Pete   Best,   original   drummer   of   the   Beatles.   He   was   out   of   the   group   before   they   became   famous.   But   life   hasn’t been   unfair   with   Stan.   He   is   recognized   as   one   of   Canada’s   top   tier   Commercial   Arbitrators   and   Mediators.   Since   2012   he   has   practised solely   as   an Arbitrator   and   Mediator   dedicated   to   assisting   the   legal   profession,   corporate   entities,   government   agencies   and   others   in   the resolution of disputes both domestically and internationally.