Christmas News Letter 2012

Barry Worrell - December, 2012


Merry Christmas Dear Friends!



First: I'd like to brag a bit. When you consider the very humble beginnings of this version of the Aldersonian, I'm amazed of how far its come. From just a few pages to 1500 plus pages, it has a class page for each year of graduation, a list of the Alumni, history of both the school and the town, news and photos. Its even got the weather. And to think this all happened because of your involvement. Even more amazing,  it happened with most of us living all over the U. S., not knowing or seeing each other. I hope you will take some pride in what we've built here.

Second: The Alderson community lost a lot of people this year. Following is a list of those that was posted on the  Aldersonian:
Robert L. Saunders - Obituary
Barbara Shelton - Obituary
E. Grayson Knapp, Jr. - Obituary
Howard Arthur Massengill - Obituary
Richard Whiteley - Obituary
Cletis F. "Junky" Shawver - Obituary
Delbert Lee Brant - Obituary
Joyce Ann Sams Wickline - Obituray
David Shields - Obituary
Melvin Hunter - Obituary
William Leigh Michelinie - Obituary
Daniel Edward Duff - Good Bye, My Faithful and Good Friend - David Shields
Daniel Edward Duff 
Calvin Estep - Obituary
John F. Craft - Obituary
Freddie O'Brien - Obituary
Ruth Fields Altare - Obituary
Eileen Skaggs - Obituary
Elizabeth Ellis "Bette" Hunting - Obituary

These were people that we knew and spent time and parts of our lives with. I still find it hard to believe that David Shields and Dan Duff are no longer with us.

Third: The city of Alderson had several special news events this year. Here are a few of them.

1. The July wind storm that hit the area did significant damage to property and the landscape. It also postponed most of the 4th of July Celebration. (See Photos)

2. 2012 marks the 200th anniversary of that 1812 survey expedition led by Supreme Court Justice John Marshall. The expedition trip was re-created by Andrew Shaw, and his crew of batteau enthusiasts with their hand built 43 foot by 7 foot batteau named the Mary Marshal. They stopped in Alderson on the way to their destination.  (See Photos)

3.The Greenbrier Interpretive Center was finally finished, a tribute to the fine folks of Alderson Main Street. I think Harry Meredith would have been pleased with what was made of his old Gulf station. (See Photos)

I've probably miss something and your invited to tell me about it in the comments below.

I purposely used the Christmas header from the front page for this Christmas newsletter. It's such a pretty scene and it's almost like being there for Christmas. I love to sit and watch it. If you can not see the scene, it means your browser is not set to view "Java Scripts". I can help with that. Just let me know. It's no bother. It is my goal to make your viewing and reading experience the best possible in hopes that it brings us all closer for this Christmas.

One other thing. Just as we did last year, use the comment box to send your Christmas greeting to whomever you wish. If you forget some one, post another one. Don't forget to visit this page often to see all the additional comments. Some one may answer yours.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you be with those you love this Christmas,



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