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Good Bye, My Faithful and Good Friend

David Shields - April 23, 2012

I'm told that Daniel Duff, one of my best friends in the whole world, passed away today, April 23, 2012.  Duffy and I were very close throughout our school years in Alderson and remained in fairly close contact in the years afterward.  He's been living in North Georgia for sometime now.  I, of course, live in South Georgia, but we spoke on the 'phone often and at length and he came to see me from time to time.  I loved seeing him and his wife, whom he called "Buckshot".  His passing has left a deep hole in my soul, and I find that I am straining to fill it up with memories and plans for the future when I may be so fortunate to see him again in heaven.  There may be some question about me, but I know he will be there for he was a good and faithful man who tried to do the right thing, those things that would please God.
If we get there, I figure he'll have the table set, be filling the room with his great wit and humor and cooking up something good to eat.  He was a good cook!  I remember when my mother and I lived in the old McClung building he would come by and get me up and fix our breakfast before school.  Oh, boy, I remember those days!  That was some good breakfast, not to mention the good counsel he always gave me.  He always seemed to hate it when I would do something stupid, which was all too often.  But he took me for what I was and did the best he could. 
Ahh, Duffy, my good and faithful friend, why did you go and leave me?  I shall miss you, but I will be along shortly.  I like my eggs fried, over medium well, now.  Throw a piece of country ham about the size of hubcap on the plate, will you?  With some of that Red Eye Gravy.
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