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The 1950’s Fabulous Foursome! This   is   a   fan   site   of   the   original   Diamonds   of   the   1950s. All hailing   from   Canada,   they   made   their   way   to      the   U.   S., and   with   their   songs   and   energy,   endeared   themselves   to their fans forever.
pop hits “plus” pop hits “plus”
Not  to be confused with the 1959 Mercury release “Pop Hits”, this Globe release has it’s own selections of 33 “hit” songs from the Diamonds. Available from Bear Family Records. Personnel: Lead-David Somerville. Tenor-Ted Kowalski/Evan Fisher. Baritone-Phil Levitt/Mike Douglas. Bass-Bill Reed/John Felten. (GLOBE) Sample tracks from this collection can be heard on the “Jukebox” page of this website.
1: Ka-Ding-Dong 2: Love Love Love 3: The Church Bell May Ring 4: Why Do Fools Fall In Love 5: Cool Cool Baby 6: Girl Of Mine 7: Honey 8: Honey Bird 9: Little Darlin' 10: My Dog Likes Your Dog 11: Oh, How I Wish 12: One And Only 13: Shoo Ya Blues 14: Silhouettes 15: The Stroll 16: Walking Along
17: Words Of Love 18: Zip Zip 19: Happy Years 20: Kathy-O 21: She Say 22: Straight Skirts 23: Batman, Wolfman 24: High Sign 25: Walkin' The Stroll 26: Don't Let Me Down 27: Eternal Lovers 28: Don't Say Goodbye 29: Sweet Wild Honey 30: Moonglow 31: Land Of Beauty 32: I'll Always Be In Love With You 33: Patsy
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