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The 1950’s Fabulous Foursome! This   is   a   fan   site   of   the   original   Diamonds   of   the   1950s. All hailing   from   Canada,   they   made   their   way   to      the   U.   S., and   with   their   songs   and   energy,   endeared   themselves   to their fans forever.
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The   addition   of   Jim   Malone   changed   the   sound   and   perception   of   the   Diamonds.   "No   Dave   Somerville".   Dick   Clark said:   “When   you   think   of   the   Diamonds,   you   think   of   Dave   Somerville”.   Jim   came   in   when   their   Mercury   recording contract   was   ending,   but   he   can   be   heard   on   the   last   two   recording   they   made   under   a   major   record   company.   “The Horizontal   Lieutenant”,   for   the   movie   of   the   same   title,   and   a   forgettable   song   called   “The   Vanishing American”.   He also   sang   on   a   Nat   Goodman   produced   album,   “Laughs,   Laughs,   This   not   to   say   Jim   wasn’t   capable,   for   he certainly   was   a   terrific   singer.   He   use   to   do   impressions   of   Nat   King   Cole,   Frankie   Lane,   Tony   Bennett,   and   others. Evan   Fisher   remembers:   When   Jim   came   from   Toronto   to   join   the   Diamonds,   every   other   word   was   a   four   letter word. It took us about 2 months to show him that there were other adjectives in the English language”.
As   the   years   went   by,   personality   problems   arose   within   the   group,   which   made   it   impossible   to   work   together.   Jim   and   tenor   Evan   Fisher decided   to   leave   and   form   a   duo   –   Fisher   &   Malone. They   sang,   did   impressions,   and   a   bit   of   comedy. After   four   years   or   so   working   night clubs all over the country, Jim had to leave because of drinking problems, but recovered and spent many years doing lectures for AA.   Jim passed away 2006. Evan Fisher said he was a “very talented and versatile singer .”