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The 1950’s Fabulous Foursome! This   is   a   fan   site   of   the   original   Diamonds   of   the   1950s. All hailing   from   Canada,   they   made   their   way   to      the   U.   S., and   with   their   songs   and   energy,   endeared   themselves   to their fans forever.
john felten john felten
John   Felten    -      John   was   born   in   California   in   1934.   He   joined   the   Diamonds   in   late   1958   as   a   replacement   for   original bass   singer,   Bill   Reed.   His   voice   had   a   edge   and   more   of   a   classic   bass   sound,   as   opposed   to   Bill’s   which   was   smooth and darker. The difference was noticeable, but it did bring a different character to the sound of the group. John   sang   with   the   Diamonds   through   most   of   the   60s   until   the   group   was   not   performing   any   more.   He   attempted   to launch   a   new   version   of   the   group   in   1973,   but   he   had   to   secure   the   permission   of   the   group's   longtime   manager,   Nathan Goodman.   Felden   led   one   of   two   touring   Diamonds   group   into   the   Eighties,   and   was   working   on   a   new   album   at   the   time of   his   death.   One   of   the   musicians   John   hired   was   Gary   Owens,   who   is   now   the   owner   and   baritone   singer   of   the   current, and legal, version of the Diamonds. On   May   18,   1982,   John   and   his   wife,   along   with   the   pilot   and   his   wife,   were   killed   in   a   small   plane   accident   en   route   from   Reno,   Nevada,   to Grants Pass, Oregon where Felden lived. The plane hit Mount Shasta in California.
John shown here with the Diamonds. John is seated in front. Click on photo for larger view. (Sorry, I don’t know why Mike Douglas is holding a gun to John’s head)