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The 1950’s Fabulous Foursome! This   is   a   fan   site   of   the   original   Diamonds   of   the   1950s. All hailing   from   Canada,   they   made   their   way   to      the   U.   S., and   with   their   songs   and   energy,   endeared   themselves   to their fans forever.
evan fisher evan fisher
Evan   Fisher   -      Evan   was   born   in   October,   1936   in   Cleveland,   Ohio.   His   father   always   liked   to   sing,   so   they   sang together   for   as   long   as   Evan   can   remember.   He   started   singing   in   school   choirs   in   the   fifth   grade,   and   it   was   always   the most   enjoyable   part   of   the   day.   At   age   15   He   and   his   family   moved   to   Los   Angeles,   California   and   Evan   enrolled   in Hollywood   High   School.   Of   course   he   took   choir.   There   he   became   friends   with   a   fellow   student,   Bruce   Belland   and they   decided   to   form   a   quartet   for   the   Hollywood   High   talent   show.   They   loved   the   Four   Freshmen,   and   before   you   are a college freshman, you can go to prep school, so they named themselves the Four Preps.
The   group   consisted   of   Bruce   Belland,   Glen A.   Larson,   Ed   Cobb   and   Evan.     After   graduation   they   did   a   few   shows   around   LA   with   a   well- known   DJ   by   the   name   of   Johnny   Grant.   Evan   was   not   sure   what   he   wanted   to   do   with   his   life,   so   he   decided   to   join   the   Navy.   A   few months   later   he   was   floating   around   the   Pacific   Ocean   on   the   aircraft   carrier   USS   Kearsarge.   One   day,   while   listening   to   Armed   Forces Radio, he heard the DJ say “and now, here is a big hit by Capital recording artists the Four Preps – 26 Miles”.  Ouch! After   leaving   the   Navy   he   worked   odd   jobs   around   LA   for   a   while   and   one   day   got   a   call   from   the   Prep’s   accompanist,   Lincoln   Mayorga, who   said   that   a   popular   group,   with   several   big   hits   to   their   credit,   was   looking   for   a   tenor.   His   lucky   day. That   began   his   12   great   years   with the Diamonds, Mercury recording artists. The group consisted of David Somerville, the lead singer, John Felten and Mike Douglas. As   with   other   groups,   problems   arise   and   people   come   and   go.   Dave   Somerville   left   the   group   to   pursue   a   very   successful   solo   career   and was   replaced   by   Jim   Malone,   a   very   talented   and   versatile   singer.   Years   went   by   and   personality   problems   arose   within   the   group,   which made   it   impossible   to   work   together.   Jim   and   Evan   decided   to   leave   and   form   a   duo   –   Fisher   &   Malone.   they   sang,   did   impressions,   and   a bit   of   comedy.   After   four   years   or   so   working   night   clubs   all   over   the   country,   Jim   had   to   leave   because   of   personal   problems.   So,   after Evan’s   16   years   in   the   business,   he   felt   it   was   time   to   retire   and   try   for   more   stability   in   his   life.      He   got   the   position   of   general   manager   and buyer for a men’s clothing store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Later he left for a life back in California. Once   again   he   was   fortunate   to   get   a   great   job   as   the   general   manager   of   the   world   famous   comedy   night   club,   the   Ice   House.   He   met   and married   a   wonderful   woman   by   the   name   of   Natalie.   Then,   following   18   years   of   working   with   some   of America’s   greatest   comics,   such   as Tim Allen,   George   Lopez,   David   Letterman   and   Jay   Leno,   he   felt   it   was   time   to   retire.   He   and   his   wife   retired   to   a   small,   but   wonderful   town in Arizona.  To quote Evan: “Life is good.”