1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Causby Tour 8 Causby Parker - 9-20-14 (Click on photos for larger view)
Welcome   to   The   Causby   Photo   Tours.   Causby   Parker   has   set   out   to   photograph   places   and   buildings   in   Alderson and   give   some   information   about   them.   Some   are   the   way   we   have   always   remembered,   while   some   are   not. There   are   links   at   the   bottom   of   the   page   will   take   you   to   the   previous   tour   and   the   next   one.   Please   take   time   to comment. Causby is doing this out of passion for our little town. We hope you enjoy the Causby Photo Tours.
Approximately   here   is   where   the   C.J.   Casdorph   Grocery Store   once   stood.   William   "Willie"   Fawcett   and   Orville   Upton were    employed    there.   A    little    to    the    left    of    the    concrete bench   is   where   The   Snack   Shack   (the   local   "hang   out") was. The beautiful riverbank behind the Snack Shack.
Looking over to the Monroe side of the Memorial Bridge.
 Alderson sign "Settled in 1777”.  Signs, Joint Co. Bridge, inlaid in walls of memorial bridge. Opposite, bridge wall plaques, "Nat'l. Register of Historic Places
Renovation  and bridge history plaques.
Left:   Looking   toward   the   other   side   of   bridge   where   once stood   the   C.   D.   Hanger   Jewelry   Store.   Right:   Hanger’s Jewelry   Store   in   one   of   Alderson’s   floods.   (Photo:   Tom Roush)
L.O.   Mc.   Clung   Building,   and   through   the   double   doors   on the   corner   is   the   former   home   of   the   Alderson   National Bank,    circa    1910.    The    Vault    is    still    there.    Today,    this building   is   owned   by   the Alderson   Renaissance   Committee. There are still rental apartments & residents living upstairs.
Johnson   Memorial   United   Methodist   Church:   In   1911   the   Reverend   G.   C.   Beery   raised   money   for   a   new   church   lot   in   North Alderson.   After   securing   the   lot,   it   was   not   until   May   17,   1915   that   a   building   committee   for   a   new   church   was   selected. They   were   S.   R.   Neel,   R.   L.   Johnson,   J.   E.   Keller,   O.   D.   Massey,   and   E.   Chase   Bare,   and   a   fund   raising   drive   was   started. From   October   1917   until   May   27,   1923,   the   congregation   met   in   Jarrett-Massey   Hall   on   the   third   floor   of   the   Alderson National   Bank,   while   the   line   brick   church   was   being   constructed. The   church   congregation   on   May   11,   1921,   unanimously approved   the   plans   of   the   new   church   and   on   February   21,   1922,   a   contract   was   let   to   Phelps   and   Halloran,   Charleston,   to build   it.   The   total   cost   of   the   lot,   church   and   pipe   organ   was   $52,452.86.   The   first   service   was   on   the   last   Sunday   of   May, 1923,   and   the   church   was   known   as   Johnson   Memorial   Methodist   Church   in   memory   of   J.   F.   Johnson.         For   more information http://www.min7th.com/awv/ghschurches4.htm
When these were still there: Left to Right. The Snack Shack, C. J. Casdorph Grocery Store, and Ed Harris Grocery and gas station. These three building stood on the bank of the Greenbrier. (See top two photos)