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W V State Fair Has Been Canceled
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DID YOU KNOW? Interesting Facts
The above photo is the Alderson’s Visitor Center. Converted from a vintage GULF gas station, and one of many restoration projects of Alderson Main Street. Check out their new website.
A Former Publication Of Alderson High School "Alderson's Longest Running News Media"
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Our    marvelous    Greenbrier    River. The    Lenape    Indians,    who    were probably   the   first   to   see   it,   called   it, “Onepake”   (O-ne-pa-ke),   for   “Dark Path”,   which   could   describe   it   in   the winter   when   it   looks   dark   in   color, only    to    change    in    the    summer when    surrounded    by    green    trees and reflecting blue skies. (Clock photo for larger view)
UPDATE! The State Fair of W. V. has been canceled.