1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Causby Tour 7 Causby Parker - 9-20-14 (Click on photos for larger view)
Welcome   to   The   Causby   Photo   Tours.   Causby   Parker   has   set   out   to   photograph   places   and   buildings   in   Alderson and   give   some   information   about   them.   Some   are   the   way   we   have   always   remembered,   while   some   are   not. There   are   links   at   the   bottom   of   the   page   will   take   you   to   the   previous   tour   and   the   next   one.   Please   take   time   to comment. Causby is doing this out of passion for our little town. We hope you enjoy the Causby Photo Tours.
St. Mary of the Greenbrier Catholic Church
The   late   Barry   Keadle   home.   (   Beautifully   manicured   lawn.   )   His   wife,   Jenny   Bennett- Keadle, now operates a Beauty Shop, built on the back of house.
Former site of Harris' Texaco & Harris Store. See the last photo as it use to be.
Riverside   Motel   owned   &   operated   by   Chip   James   (former site of Burke's 5 & 10 Store)
Car Wash
This   picture   of   my   brother   Howie   Fleshman   when   he   worked   for   Ross   Copenhaver   at   the EXXON   station.   See   the   C.J.   Casdorph   grocery   Store   across   the   Street.   This   was   taken appx.   1985   .   (Anyway   before   the   1st   big   flood).   Howie   worked   for   3   different   people there, 1st was Ralph Kincaid, Then Jay Strealy & lastly, Ross Copenhaver.
   Bill   Goodwin's   ESSO   Station,   as   it   was   in   the   same   location   where   the   EXXON   station   is now.
This   little   lad   in   front   of   the   Exxon   station   is   Ross   Copenhaver   &   his   sidekick,   Raymond "Junior"   Reed,   Little   did   he   know   then   ,   that   he   would   ever   be   running   the   station.   His   son is now our Mayor !
Sam   Conner   standing   in   foreground.   (Note   5-10   stpre   in the     background.     Old     pictures     submitted     by     Ross Copenhaver.   Many   thanks   to   him   for   sharing   these.   He and   some   friend's   have   tried   to   figure   out   who   the   guys are   sitting   in   front   of   the   EXXON,   they   decided   it   was "Heavy"    McCombs    sitting    on    hood    of    car    &    Howard Wickline & (maybe) Willie McCombs. (Right) Harris Grocery store and gas station
The EXXON, not locally owned, selling gas, groceries and have a food bar.
Below, some photos of the same area taken “back then”.