1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Causby Tours #3 Causby Parker - 9-25-14 (Click on photos for larger view)
Welcome   to   The   Causby   Photo   Tours.   Causby   Parker   has   set   out   to   photograph   places   and   buildings   in   Alderson and   give   some   information   about   them.   Some   are   the   way   we   have   always   remembered,   while   some   are   not. There   are   links   at   the   bottom   of   the   page   will   take   you   to   the   previous   tour   and   the   next   one.   Please   take   time to comment. Causby is doing this out of passion for our little town. We hope you enjoy the Causby Photo Tours.
Across   the   tracks   from   the   "Bombshell   Ironworks,   at   the end    of    Memorial    Bridge,    is    where    Ellis    Baker    owned    & operated   an   Electric   Shop.   According   to   "Cricket"   Duff,   the building   sits   on   CSX   property   and   is   on   a   20   year   lease   by the City of Alderson.
Across   the   street   along   the   edge   of   the   road   which   is   now occupied   by   the Alderson Alumni   Park,   the   C.   J.   Casdorph Grocery    Store    sat,    (as    remembered    by    "Cricket”    Duff), before    it    moved    across    the    bridge,    beside    the    Snack Shack.   (As   remembered   by   my   husband,   Ward   Parker)   C. J's    once    accepted    produce,    honey    &    eggs    from    local farmers, in exchange for groceries.
Back   up   Rt.3   on   the   corner   of Alderson Ave   and   S.   Monroe, is   the   home   of   Lena   Ratliff.   She   used   to   take   in   seniors   who were    no    longer    able    to    take    care    of    themselves    and provided   them   with   a   warm   home,   prepared   them   3   meals a   day,   gave   them   the   care   they   needed   and   saw   to   it   that they   received   the   proper   medical   care   as   well. This   home   is now   owned   and   occupied   by   her   daughter,   Norma   Ratliff- Carter.
On   the   empty   lot   across   from   Mrs.   Carter's   is   the   site   of   the former    Pure    Oil    Sta.    owned    &    operated    by    Laird    Wall, located   across   Rt.   3   from   the   Senior   Center.   (According   to Ross   Copenhaver   and   "Cricket   "   Duff)   this   property   is   now owned by rev Mark Stauffer.
Between    the    "Pure    Oil    Station."    lot    and    the    Alderson Presbyterian   Church   is,   what   used   to   be,   a   Beautiful   old Victorian   house.   I   have   not   been   able   to   find   out   who   owns it or who lives there. It is in very poor condition.
The   brown   building   between   Church   &   City   Hall   is   now owned   by   the   town   and   currently   being   used   for   storage. (According    to    Ward    Parker's    memory)    his    grandmother, Grace   Allen   ,   born   in   1904,   told   him   that   when   she   was   a child   ,   this   was   a   millinery   (hat)   shop,   shortly   after   1906. (According    to    "Cricket"    Duff's    memory),    his    Aunt,    Nell Ayers   ran   a   restaurant   there   for   years,   until   about   1951. Ward   Parker   also   remembers   that   somewhere   between 1948-1951    (appx.)    there    was    no    store    name    on    the building   and   that   the   only   sign   in   the   window   was   made   of cardboard and just had "PIES" handwritten on it.
Turn   left,   here   into   the   alley   and   you   find   the   Alderson Police   Dept.   in   back   of   The   City   Hall.   Police   cars   shown parked behind the Ayers restaurant (brown) building.