1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
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This is the City Building, more commonly called City Hall. The   Police   Station   and   Mayor   Travis   Copenhaver’s   office are   in   this   building.   Next   to   City   Hall   is   the   parking   lot   for The Old Alderson National Bank.
The    original    bank    building    built    in    1898    and    recently purchased,   in   partnership,   by   Fritz   Boettner,   (same   owner of     Fritz'     Pharmacy)     and     also     from     "Downstream Strategies";    together    with    Timothy    Luce    of    "Presidio Studios,"   with   plans   to   renovate.   Their   plans   are   to   locate their    respective    businesses    in    office    spaces    on    the second   floor   while   seeking   another   business   to   occupy the   prime   retail   space   on   the   ground   floor.   How   exciting   to have new businesses opening in Alderson!
Next   we   have   Alderson   Medical   Center,   by   Satellite   of   Rainelle   Medical,   which   opened   in Alderson   on   Jan.   17,   2011.   They   have   a   P.A.   on   duty   ,   4   days   a   week.   Nurse,   Lucinda Martin   &   Receptionist   ,   Mona   Harris-Murphy.   They   have   a   Supervising   Physician   twice   a month.   Dr.   Chris   Martin,   D.O.,   from   Rainelle   is   taking   over,   right   away,   for   Dr.   John Loudermilk, M.D. , who is moving to Cincinnati to join his family. They   do   accept   patients   of   all   ages,   do   have   scheduled   appointments,   and   will   also   take "walk-ins" , to be worked in between scheduled ones. Services provided include; Family
meds,   flu   shots,   breast   exams,   pap   tests,   well-baby   check   ups,   they   are   not   equipped   to   do   x-rays   on   premises,   but   can refer   patients   to   the   home   office   in   Rainelle   .   This   building   was   the   former   site   of   Mick   or   Mack   Stores   and   later   became Early   Matney   (E   &   M)   Grocery   Store.   Nelle   B.   Early   was   the   owner,   Charles   Hogsett,   Mgr.   My   father,   Howard   R.   Fleshman was   the   Butcher   for   a   full   line   of   fresh   meats.   Stocking   &   carry   outs   were   done   by   Richard   Ballengee,   Cashier/Clerks   were Doreen   Eskins   & Ann   Hogsett.   I   (yours   truly)   worked   relief   for   vacations   during   the   summers   of   1965-   1966.   Earlier   in   the 50s, our Aldersonian Editor, Barry Worrell also worked there when it was Mick Or Mack.
The   next   building   serves   three   purposes. Two   businesses   and   a   residence.   Bottom   left   we have   Priority   One   Home   Care   II,   home   based   in   Princeton,   originated   in   2005   and   the Alderson office opened in Jan. of 2013. They are a DME Co., and sell Wheelchairs, C-pap   machines,   Hospital   Beds,   Oxygen,   Trachea   supplies,   Diabetic   supplies   &   shoes. The Owner/Mgr. of Priority One is Jane Bryant. They are open M-F 8:30- 4:30. Bottom   right   is   Fritz'   Pharmacy,   as   previously   stated,   it   was   recently   bought   from   Jim Coleman   by   Fritz   Boettner.   Fritz   has   a   Pharmacy   in   Fairlea,   that   has   been   in   business   for years.
Where   Priority   One   is   now,   was   used   by   other   stores   including   the   drug   store   in   the   late   50s   when   they   decided   to expand. Around   1965   -   '66,   it   was   a   Jewelry   Store   owned/operated   by   Bea   Gladwell.   If   memory   serves   me   correctly,   she lived in the Rupert /Rainelle area. Feel free to comment & correct me. I was wrong one time. LOL. The   upstairs   has   had   several   uses   also.   Prior   to   the   40s,   the   Works   Progress   Administration   (renamed   in   1939   as   the Work   Projects Administration;   WPA   had   a   sewing   room   in   the   front,   right   hand   room.   It   was   vacant   for   about   a   year   when in   the   winter   of   1940   Beth   Kessinger   Worrell   leased   the   whole   upstairs   for   her   residence   and   beauty   shop   and   remained there   until   about   1955.   If   the   name   Worrell   sounds   familiar,   you’re   right.   Barry   is   the   son   of   Beth   Worrell,   (later   Fields)   and had his bedroom on the left front of the building.
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