Alderson Main Street
Alderson Main Street Copyright 2016
Greenbrier River Interpretative/Visitors Center: What   once   was   a   vacant   Gulf   gas   station,   the   reformation   of   this   building   has   turned   out   to   be   a major   focal   point   in   many   community   functions.   It   features   a   coffee   shop   and   gift   shop.   It   also includes items to reminds us it was a gas station. (Click on photo for larger view)  More info here.
Alderson Train Depot: The   current   standing   Alderson   Depot   was   built   in   1896   and   went   out   of   service   in   1973.   It   is   the   only remaining   standard   station   with   a   bay   window   in   both   the   front   and   the   back..   It   was   built   by   a   C&O road   crew   in   one   week.   Now   this   historical   building   has   been   fully   restored.       (Click   on   photo   for   larger view) More info here.
Alderson Alumni Park and Housby Gazebo: This   beautiful   little   park   between   the   bank   of   the   Greenbrier   River   and   the   railroad   had   quickly   become one   of Alderson’s   favorite   landmarks.   It   is   also   use   for   many   community   functions.      (Click   on   photo   for larger view) More info here.
Alderson Memorial Bridge: Although   not   the   only   organization   that   was   involved,   Alderson   Main   Street   was   one   of   many   in   the restoration   of   the   bridge.   For   a   complete   account   of   this   major   project,   and   contributors,   see   the Aldersonian.  (Click on photo for larger view) More info here .
Welcome To Alderson Signs: Pictured   is   one   of   four   "Welcome   to   Historic Alderson"   signs.   This   particular   one   is   located   at   the   City Bank,   coming   down   the Alta   road.   The   other   three   are   located   as   you   enter Alderson   city   limits   on   the Hinton   road,   Union   road,   and   from   Fort   Springs.   These   good   looking   signs   have   received   many compliments.
Alderson Town Flag: Alderson   Main   Street   produces   town   flags   featuring   a   design   by Todd   Hanger.   Versions   of   this   flag   are available.  (Click on photo for larger view) More info here .