Alderson Main Street
Alderson Main Street Copyright 2016
Alderson’s Visitors Center Several   years   ago,   Vivian   Pranulis   lived   in   Lewisburg   and   drove   into   Alderson   regularly   to   work   at   the   Wolf   Creek Printery   where   she   and   Dick   produce   their   famous   Wolf   Creek   Calendars.      She   constantly   noticed   the   deteriorated condition   of   the   old   Gulf   Station   and   the   potential   of   the   large   lot   facing   the   Greenbrier   River.      She   began   a   campaign   to purchase   the   site   and   renovate   the   Gulf   Station.     The   working   title   of   the   project   was   “Ferry   Park”   because   the Alderson Ferry   used   to   cross   upstream   from   there.   Vivian   recruited   help   from   Judy   Lewallen,   Tom   and   Neta   Roush,   members   of Alderson Main Street, and many others. With   a   group   of   determined   people,   they   started   to   get   private   donations   and   grants   to   secure   the   property,   return   the old   gas   station   back   to   it’s   original   image,   and   landscape   the   lot.   Today   it   is   a   prime   example   of   what   good   people   and hard work can accomplishment. Today   it   is   used   not   only   as   a   visitors   center,   but   it   also   host   many   town   events   during   the   year.   (For   pictures   of   the development of the project, click on the  link.  
Above, artist conception of park. Click for larger view.