1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Causby Tour - Page 1 Causby Parker - August , 2013 (Click on photos for larger view)
On the left, the "old" Johnson & Gwinn Hardware store, (not housing any business at present.)
John Alderson's store, now operated by John M. and Betty Alderson & Daughter Sarah.
Beside the train track at the end of the Memorial Bridge is Alderson Alumni Park. A beautiful little gazebo adorns the property with a walkway paved of memorial bricks purchased by our residents in memory of their loved ones.
The Old First National Bank building on the corner of Main St. There are no businesses in it at present.
Lobban   Funeral   Home,   in   operation   since   1901,   still   owned   by   the   Lobban   Family, now owned by Karen Lobban & operated by Sarah & Charles Lobban III.
Next   to   the   Bank   building   is   Alderson   Family   Medical,   (More   information   on   this   later). Next,   the   Drug   Store,   that   was,   up   until   recently   owned   &   operated   by   Jim   Coleman and   was   bought   out   by   Fritz's   Pharmacy,   who   also   has   a   Pharmacy   in   Fairlea,   WV. Next, with the beautiful blooming tree is of course an empty lot, which is owned by the Fire Station.
The   Alderson   Vol.   Fire   Dept.   and   then   the   Alderson   Post   Office.   (See   photo      about   85 years ago of Main street, and the building  that was there before the Post Office.)
The   tall   red   brick   building   is   where   the Alderson   National   Bank   was   housed   in   1911.   In the   same   building   was   the   L.   O.   McClung   Clothing   and   Shoe   Store.   It   was   last operated   by   Ralph   McClung   and   has   had   many   occupants.   It   is   now   vacant,   but advertised For Rent.
The   old   Gulf   Station   which,   "back   in   "the   day"   was   owned   and   operated   by   Harry Meredith,   and   later   by   Jim   Highlander.   It   is   now   the   Alderson   Information   Center   and on   Saturdays   in   the   summer,   The   Alderson   Community   Food   Hub   sets   up   market stands    for    local    residents    to    sell,    fruit,    vegetables,    homemade    breads,    cakes,    & cookies,   hand-made   crafts   etc.   (   even   chickens,   still   on   foot   ).   They   also   feature   live music by local artists.
The   "old" Ashland   Station,   once   run   by   Jim   Jackson,   Larry   &   Jerry   Smith,   which   is   now the   home   of   the   Alderson   City   Police   Station.   Correction:   The   Police   have   returned   to the City Hall Building. The town maintenance crew now uses the building.
Welcome   to   The   Causby   Photo   Tours.   Causby   Parker   has   set   out   to   photograph   places   and   buildings   in   Alderson   and give   some   information   about   them.   Some   are   the   way   we   have   always   remembered,   while   some   are   not.   There   are links   at   the   bottom   of   the   page   will   take   you   to   the   previous   tour   and   the   next   one.   Please   take   time   to   comment. Causby is doing this out of passion for our little town. We hope you enjoy the Causby Photo Tours.