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WVDA Waives Requirements for Horses Evacuating Irma 9/8/2017
"In   the   military,   we   never   leave   a   man   or   woman   behind.   This   is   the   least   we   can   do   to   help   our   fellow Americans,"   said   Commissioner   of Agriculture   Kent   Leonhardt.   "When   our   state   was   flooded   last   year,   our neighbors pitched in. It is time we return the favor."   Normally,    all    equines    entering    West    Virginia    from    other    states    are    required    to    have    a    Certificate    of Veterinary   Inspection   issued   within   30   days   and   a   negative   Coggins   test   within   the   past   year.   State Veterinarian   Dr.   James   Maxwell   made   the   decision   to   waive   those   requirements   after   a   conference   call Thursday   with   stakeholders.   Many   shelters   available   to   those   evacuating   will   not   accept   large   animals such as horses.   "This   is   common   practice   in   emergency   situations.   Just   like   people,   we   must   get   animals   out   of   harm's way,"   said   Dr.   Maxwell.   "Neighboring   states   to   Florida,   like Alabama   and   Georgia,   can   run   out   of   stall   space quickly."   If   horse   owners   are   looking   for   shelter   for   equines,   please   contact   the   WVDA,   304-558-3200   or   the   State Fair of West Virginia, 304-645-1090.
Charleston,   WV   -   The   West   Virginia   Department   of Agriculture   (WVDA) announced    it    will    be    waiving    normal    entry    requirements    for    horses evacuated   due   to   Hurricane   Irma.   The   decision   was   made   after   the State    Fair    of    West    Virginia    offered    to    help    horse    owners    who    are looking   for   temporary   housing.   The   fair   has   already   received   several calls from owners evacuating the Carolinas. (Click on photo for larger view)