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Do Your Remember: The Alley

Barry Worrell / Ward Parker

Do you remember the alley that started between the Old Greenbrier Mill and Johnson & Gwinn's warehouse followed the base of Flat Top Mountain, and eventually came out on Rt.3? When Causby Parker mentioned in her Photo Tour #2, that Travis & Brianna Barkley bought the Woodson building and that she was a blacksmith, I remembered there use to be a blacksmith in Alderson, and it was accessed by that alley.

Ward Parker relates: The alley went pass the blacksmith shop, which was directly behind the the mill. Then it passed the mill's feed warehouse. It next passed the church belonging to, what was always referred to the "colored church". My Dad (Theodore K. Parker) ran Greenbrier Milling from the time Rufus Bryant died (1960) until he had to give it up in 1974. ( "We used the blacksmith shop as a garage for the mill truck, and also stored brush killer in barrels there.)  I ran the mill for a year (successfully) and closed out the business in spring of 1976. I used to go to the mill every evening when I got out of school at 3:00 and work until it closed at 5:00, then I worked there from August 1962 until May 1963. I drove that alley many times! I also enjoyed the singing from the church quite a few times when I would work late and they would be having a revival or Wednesday night Prayer Meeting. "They made the hillside ring!" There also was a little house behind Lobban’s that fronted on that alley and Luther Harness lived there. It's believe the Lobban’s owned that little house."

This Google photo shows Lobban's parking lot apparently now has extended back to where the alley use to be.

That old blacksmith shop was very interesting. I was in there many times watching the owner shoe horses. The feed storage building was also use for a play area for us kids. We would sneak in and play on the feed sacks, jumping from one to the other and play hide & seek. We stirred up the dust from the grain so much, I would start sneezing so bad, I had to go home and put a wet handkerchief over my face, and then eat a bowl of Wheaties, and go back and hit the sacks again. This was in the 1940s.

I'm not sure exactly where that alley came out on Rt.3, I just remember that it did.

Hopefully there are those who read this can give more information. Perhaps a old photo, or anyone who may have attended that church.

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