1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Contact:  Mayor Travis Copenhaver 304-445-2916 / Margaret Hambrick 304-646-2439
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CHURCH GROUP HELPS IN ALDERSON A   group   of   high   school   kids   from   Faith   Lutheran   Church   in   Troy,   Michigan,   spent   their   spring   break   helping with   projects   around   the   Town   of Alderson   this   week.      Under   the   general   leadership   of   Bruce   Modde,   who owns   his   own   construction   business   in   Troy,   the   youngsters   and   their   adult   supervisors   installed   decks, fixed leaking roofs, and did a lot of work at the Town Park including putting a new roof on a dug out.  Kimberly   Heisler,   one   of   the   leaders,   said,   “This   is   the   seventh   year   for   this   ministry   and   my   third   year.      We just love coming here and encourage the kids to connect with the community as we work.” These   projects   require   planning.      The Alderson   Ministerial Association   helps   identify   possible   projects   and then,   in   March,   Modde   and   Youth   Minister   Dave   Frank   visit   to   select   the   specific   jobs   according   to   the resources   and   skills   available.     The   projects   at   the Town   Park   were   fortunate   to   have   materials   provided   by a grant from the Arts and Recreation fund of the Greenbrier County Commission.  The   local   connection   for   this   particular   group   is   Reverend   Rich   Lohmeyer   of   the   Christ   Our   Savior   of   the Valley   Lutheran   Church   in   Alderson.      Lohmeyer,   his   wife,   Judy,   and   other   volunteers   provide   the   evening meal each day for the workers.  Juliet   Wagner,   a   member   of   the   group,   said,   “It   is   a   lot   of   hard   work   but   it   is   fun   and   rewarding.      I   am thankful for the experience.  It is my first mission trip.  I have grown in friendship and faith.” Interrupted   while   painting   the   front   doors   of   the   Alderson   Community   Center   for   the   Arts   and   Humanities, where   the   group   is   living   on   the   third   floor,   Russell   Kudela,   a   second   year   adult   supervisor   said,   “I   really enjoy giving my talents to people in need.  I brought my two sons, 14 and 16.”  Mayor   Travis   Copenhaver   said,   “We   really   appreciate   the   hard   work   of   this   group   from   Faith   Lutheran   in Troy,   MI.      It   is   a   joy   to   see   them   work   and   help   us   do   things   we   could   not   do   otherwise.      The   Community Center, the Park, and some individual homes will be all the better for the work of these great folks.” There   will   be   more   work   groups   throughout   the   summer.      Anyone   who   would   like   to   apply   for   assistance can contact the Alderson Ministerial Association or pick up an application at the Alderson Thrift Store. PHOTO CAPTIONS: 2034      --      Freshman   high   school   students   from   Faith   Lutheran   Church   in   Troy,   MI   and   their   supervisors   put a new roof on a dug out in the Alderson Municipal Park. 0398   --      Juliet   Wagner,   a   student   from   Faith   Lutheran   Church   in   Troy,   MI,   takes   a   break   after   helping   finish the new roof on the dug out at the Alderson Municipal Park. 0410    --        Russell    Kudela    paints    the    front    door    of    the   Alderson    Community    Center    for    the   Arts    and Humanities where the group from Faith Lutheran Church in Troy, MI spent the week.