1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Contact:  Mayor Travis Copenhaver 304-445-2916 / Margaret Hambrick 304-646-2439
Updates On Specialty Vehicles, Early Voting, And Municipal Levy. The   town   has   amended   the   Municipal   Code   to   allow   for   citizens   and   visitors   to   license ATVs,   RTVs,   UTVs, and   golf   carts   to   ride   on   town   streets.   These   vehicles   have   special   stipulations   on   areas   of   travel,   time, and   licensing. A   copy   of   the   ordinance   may   be   picked   up   at   city   hall.   Please   be   cautious   of   these   vehicles as   you   travel   on   town   streets.   They   are   permitted   to   cross   the   Memorial   Bridge   only   to   get   back   and   forth from   one   side   of   town   to   the   other.   The   poles   and   chains   will   be   changed   very   soon   to   accommodate   their passage. Official voting hours and early voting are as follows: Early   voting   will   begin   on   5/30/17   from   7:30am-5:30pm   Tuesday   through   Friday   with   the   clerks   as   in   the past. This will end on June 8th. There will be one Saturday early voting day. That is June 3rd from 9:00am-5:00pm. The   municipal   election   is   June   13.   The   polling   place   is   city   hall   and   it   will   be   open   from   6:30am-7:30pm. On this day, front operations of city hall will be closed. On   the   ballot   for   the   election   is   the   continuation   of   the   municipal   levy.   The   levy   currently   in   place   is   set   to expire   June   30,   2017. This   is   NOT A   NEW TAX   OR   FEE. This   is   a   continuation   of   the   levy   is   at   the   current rate as follows: Class 1 - 6.25 cents per $100. Class 2 - 12.50 cents per $100. Class 3 - if any - 25 cents per $100. Class 4 - 25 cents per $100. The   levy   revenue   over   the   four   year   period   is   projected   to   be   $167,020.00   or   ($41,755   a   year).   The   funds are   used   to   pay   for   street   lighting,   repairs,   surfacing,   maintenance,   paving,   re-paving,   draining,   grading, marking,   and   other   needs   for   general   operation   of   the   streets,   alleyways,   sidewalks,   bridges,   street   drains, and public ways of the Town of Alderson. Just   to   give   you   an   idea   of   some   costs:   the   street   lights   we   have   in   place   now   cost   $22,800   a   year   to provide.   Deduct   that   from   the   yearly   revenue   and   that   leave   $18,955   for   other   general   repairs,   costs, mowing,   snow   removal,   and   street   operations.   It   cost   the   town   $88,000   after   the   flood   to   clean   out   just   the affected storm drains. To   do   any   patching   generally   costs   about   $2,000   each   time.   By   buying   our   own   paving   equipment   it   helps us   get   the   most   out   of   or   money,   asphalt   is   about   $75/ton   this   year.   We   expect   to   need   at   least   100   ton   for projects this year. Possibly more depending on weather and other unforeseen events. Please vote yes for the continuation of the levy.