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Contact:  Mayor Travis Copenhaver 304-445-2916 / Margaret Hambrick 304-646-2439
Preparedness With   all   the   concern   about   Hurricane   Irma   and   the   recent   devastation   of   Hurricane   Harvey,   Mayor   Travis Copenhaver   wants   you   to   know   what   steps   have   been   taken   in Alderson   in   case   we   get   some   of   the   wind and rain.  He also provides a link for personal preparedness. Aldersonians,   September   is   National   Preparedness   Month.   Seems   fitting   it's   also   hurricane   season.   Since Wednesday, your A-team has been preparing for the potential problems of the hurricanes. The   Water   Treatment   plant   operators   are   making   sure   tanks   are   as   full   as   possible   every   day.   The   backup generator   to   run   the   plant   was   ordered   and   will   be   here   Monday,   just   in   case. The   agreement   we   have   with the   company   has   two   prices   one   is   about   $2,000   a   week   to   not   use   it   more   than   40   hours.   The   other   is about $5,000 to use it non stop. It   seems   like   a   lot   of   money   "just   in   case   the   storm   may   affect   us." And   such   a   waste   if   not   used.   But   the fact   is   it   takes   300kW   to   start   our   plant   and   you   can't   run   to   Lowe's   and   get   a   generator   that   big.   In   fact, when   I   signed   the   paperwork   authorizing   delivery   last   night,   there   were   only   2   available   from   our   company. One   in   Cincinnati,   OH   and   the   other   in   Pittsburgh,   PA.   One   of   them   will   be   here   Monday.   This   was   the   3rd and last company in our plan to find one. The other two had none available. As   we   tried   to   find   a   generator   most   everyone's   reply   was   "our   lot   was   cleared   and   sent   South."   We   use three major rental companies to get the generator we need. We   applied   in   2014   for   three   generators   for   threat   preparedness,   Water   plant,   community   shelter,   and   city hall.   We   successfully   obtained   the   one   large   enough   for   our   shelter   at   the   Community   Center   that   was   turn key   ready   1   week   before   last   year's   flood   and   gave   those   relocating   to   the   shelter   much   needed   power   for medical equipment and air conditioning. We   have   eliminated   the   need   for   the   city   hall   generator   and   will   pair   up   with   the   fire   department   one already   in   place.   We   are   in   what   we   believe   is   the   final   round   of   asking   for   the   Water   plant   one   and   hope to not have to worry about renting a resource that will ultimately cost $250,000 to buy. Wastewater   treatment   team   has   been   looking   for   inflow   and   infiltrate   continuously   over   the   past   4   years. They   have   been   especially   busy   with   plant   upgrades   and   this   work.   However,   rest   assured   with   the   new upgrades   to   the   plant   and   lift   stations   every   component   of   wastewater   treatment   has   independent   back   up power.   And,   in   case   the   lift   stations   fail,   we   have   the   rolling   power   house   that   we   bought   before   now   as simple as a plug in to run them. So, there is a generator to back up new generators just in case. The   maintenance   crew   has   been   heavily   burdened   with   leaks   the   past   two   months.   In   addition   to   the construction   going   on   requiring   almost   the   same   amount   of   time   the   contractors   are   working   due   to damages   to   infrastructure   as   well.   Last   week   we   found   that   the   flood   potentially   affected   our   east   river water    crossing.    While    trying    to    fix    something    else,    an    emergency    "hot    tap"    (main    water    line    valve installation   while   not   stopping   the   flow   or   cutting   the   line   due   to   size)   costing   a   little   over   $5,000   had   to   be done as a result. All   of   our   rolling   stock,   generators,   equipment   and   reserves   are   fully   fueled   and   were   topped   off   yesterday. Everything   we   may   potentially   need   is   operational   and   fueled   ready   to   go   due   to   inspections   made   and engines   started   since   Wednesday.   That   includes   everything   down   to   saws   and   things   we   don't   use everyday. The   City   Hall   staff   has   been   handing   out   purchase   orders   like   crazy   for   fuel   and   other   parts   or   purchases necessary   to   the   preparedness.   Cori   and   I   have   been   working   to   resolve   an   issue   with   FEMA   over   some discrepancies   with   invoices   with   last   year's   flood   damages   in   the   mix.   Her   days   off   normally   include   Friday. That   was   not   the   case   this   week.   Since   Wednesday,   she,   I,   and   many   others   have   been   on   the   phone before many alarm clocks ever go off. And are still going much later than most at night. The   Fire   department   has   all   equipment   fueled   and   ready   to   go.   They   assured   us   at   the   staff   meeting Wednesday   operations   are   good   to   go   and   I   trust   Chief   Jones   to   be   there   for   me   if   we   have   to   go   to   the ready stage. Our   Police   Chief   has   been   advised   of   potential   deployment   for   his   Army   post.   Probably   going   South.   He has   made   the   appropriate   contacts   and   signed   over   evidence   custodian   and   other   administrative   functions to   those   who   are   in   place   in   case   he   has   to   go   serve   South.   We   have   notified   our   reserve   staff   for   the police department that if he has to leave we will be needing their services. As   you   can   see,   preparedness   takes   on   a   whole   new   meaning   when   you   look   at   services   we   provide   and the   number   of   people   we   serve,   both   inside   the   municipality   and   out.   My   staff   and   I   are   committed   to   being ready.    You    will    recall,    in    the    past    this    has    paid    off    when    other    larger    municipalities    lose    water    or infrastructure, we have not. Do   your   part   and   look   at   the   following   links.   They   have   some   very   real   life   practical   things   for   everyone   to plan for. DO YOUR PART! ready.gov https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fema/id474807486?mt=8