1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
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HOMECOMING AT SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH Shiloh   Baptist   Church   in Alderson   will   host   its   139th   “Homecoming”   on   Sunday,   October   1   at   the Alderson Presbyterian   Church   on   South   Monroe   Street.      Members   of   the   church   have   chosen   “An   Historic   Church for a Historic Time” as the theme for this year’s gathering.   Shiloh   invites   former   members   of   Shiloh,   their   family,   friends   and   the   entire   community   to   enjoy   a   day   of good   old   fashioned   fellowship,   spirited   preaching,   homemade   goodies,   gospel   music,   and   remembrance.     This   Homecoming   is   also   an   opportunity   to   support   the   congregation   as   it   continues   to   recover   from   last year’s devastating flood. Shiloh   Baptist   Church   was   established   in   1879   and   the   church   building   was   completed   in   1880.   Shiloh played   a   large   role   in   the   West   Virginia   Baptist   Convention   and   hosted   a   statewide   meeting   in   the   1890s, 1909,   and   again   in   1915.      Their   pastor,   Reverend   C.N.   Harris,   was   elected   president   of   the   Baptist Association   of   West   Virginia   in   1914.      The   church   served   as   an   important   religious   and   social   center   in Alderson.      Located   above   the   social   hall,   which   is   next   door   to   the   church,   the   Grand   United   Order   of   Odd Fellows provided social insurance and opportunities for leadership to the African American community. The   11:00   a.m.   service   will   feature   a   Son   of   Shiloh,   Reverend   Ken   Jones,   pastor   of   the   Mather   Christian Church   in   Mather   PA   who   will   set   the   tone   with   a   message   of   renewal,   hope   and   recommitment.   A   meal will   be   served   following   the   morning   service.        The   afternoon   service   will   begin   at   3:00   p.m.,   Janice   Cooley, a   member   of   the   Board   of   Directors   of   the   Greenbrier   Historical   Society   will   serve   as   the   MC.   She   will introduce   special   guest   Theda   Skocpol,   PhD.   Director,   Scholars   Strategy   Network   and   Victor   S.   Thomas Professor   of   Government   and   Sociology   at   Harvard   University.      Dr.   Skocpol      will   speak   on   the   topic   of "Understanding   the   Importance   of   African   American   Fraternal   Groups."      Dr.   Skocpol   said,   “The   research my   colleagues   and   I   did   some   years   ago   for   (our   book)   WHAT   A   MIGHTY   POWER   WE   CAN   BE   really opened   our   eyes   to   the   unique   and   important   role   that   African   American   fraternal   groups,   including   the Grand   United   Order   of   Odd   Fellows,   played   in   American   history   and   the   struggles   for   equal   civil   rights   in our country.” The   afternoon   preacher   is   Reverend   Greg   E.   Scott,   pastor   of   First   Baptist   Church   in   White   Sulphur Springs.      He   understands   the   struggle   of   Shiloh   having   led   the   renovation   of   the   sanctuary   of   the   First Baptist   Church   in   White   Sulphur.      In   his   many   years   of   ministry,   he   has   created   a   church   philosophy   that “everybody is somebody and no one is a stranger.” The   members   and   friends   of   Shiloh   Baptist   invite   everyone   to   join   this   Homecoming   celebration   and   take the opportunity to renew, reflect, and recommit to the legacy of Shiloh. (Click on photo for larger view)