1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Contact:  Mayor Travis Copenhaver 304-445-2916 / Margaret Hambrick 304-646-2439
Flood damage and general update: Just   a   few   notes   to   help   keep   people   informed.   Please   share   the   information   as   you   wish   in   person   or   on line. 1.   The   Washington   Street   and   Maple Avenue   intersection   will   remained   closed   in   all   likelihood   for   at   least 3-6   months,   possibly   longer.   During   the   June   storm,   the   storm   drain   line   broke   under   the   surface   in   the middle   of   that   street. That   caused   the   subsurface   support   to   wash   away   (due   to   the   huge   amount   of   water in   that   line). The   end   result   is   the   approximately   10'x8'x8'   hole   in   the   center   of   this   intersection. The   hole   is easy   to   fix,   but   the   major   problem   is   the   broken   storm   line   and   sunken   sewer   line   and   three   manholes   that are affected. It   has   cost   $30,000   just   to   evaluate   the   problem   and   will   take   an   estimated   $480,000+   to   fix   it.   We   have turned   in   the   FEMA   worksheets   and   documentation.   We   have   been   working   with   two   engineering   firms and a host of people and companies to fix this problem. The   major   issue   is   that   for   a   large   project,   FEMA   does   not   pay   their   part   until   the   project   has   been   paid   for. This   requires   a   timely   process   of   not   only   obtaining   their   funds,   but   finding   sources   to   pay   our   part   first (legally) and then obtaining their funds to pay that back. We   are   aware   of   the   inconvenience   and   want   you   to   know   and   understand   that   these   damages   are   huge, affect multiple issues and services, and requires a huge amount of upfront money to fix. 2.   We   have   assessed   1/2   of   our   storm   drains   that   were   affected   by   the   flood. This   has   been   accomplished using   high   power   vacuum/suction   trucks   from   MPW.   This   process   has   cost   $88,000   as   of   today.   The freezing   weather   caused   many   issues   for   the   equipment   needed   to   complete   this   process.   Until   it   is consistently warmer we cannot proceed with this. This   inspection   has   found   many   completely   and   substantially   damaged   storm   drain   lines. This   was   a   small project   by   FEMA   standards   and   we   have   completed   the   process   of   application   for   the   costs   incurred   to   be paid    by    FEMA    and    WVHSEM.    This    process    takes    considerable    time    in    both    application    and documentation. 3.   All   of   our   sewer   lift   stations   except   one   was   affected   by   the   flood.   As   you   are   aware   we   are   under construction   for   our   6   million   dollar   sewer   upgrade.   Part   of   that   upgrade   replaces   the   key   lift   stations   in   the system.   We   have   "band   aided"   the   most   damaged   ones   to   not   waste   money   for   something   that   will   be inoperable   in   six   months.   We   have   applied   for   a   change   of   scope   to   our   FEMA   damages   for   those reimbursements   to   try   and   apply   those   funds   to   the   town's   cost   of   the   sewer   upgrade.   This   has   not   been granted and has taken considerable effort to get all involved on the same page. We   have   had   to   order   a   $10,000   pump   to   keep   the   #1   lift   station   operational.   If   any   one   of   the   key   lift stations   fail,   every   home   in   town   would   have   considerable   sewer   issues   up   to   and   possibly   including   the backup of raw sewage into their home. Obviously, this is a major issue and we don't want that to happen. 4.   Our   chemical   pumps   that   were   adversely   affected   at   the   water   plant   have   been   replaced,   elevated   and secured,   and   are   operating.   There   continues   to   be   little   issues   with   some   other   equipment   that   was   under water during flooding that we are dealing with. 5.   At   last   night's   council   meeting,   we   asked   our   grant   writer   to   focus   this   year's   grants   on   water   tank replacement    of    the    Monroe    150,000    gallon    tank.    This    tank    is    over    40    years    old    and    has    had    no maintenance   at   all.   As   you   may   recall,   we   had   significant   damages   to   the   Muddy   Creek   150,000   gallon tank   last   year   that   is   the   same   type   and   age   as   this   tank.   In   order   to   even   inspect   the   300,000   or   150,000 gallon tanks we have to have a new valve put in place that will end up costing over $3,000. 6.   We   patched   several   places   during   the   Fall   but   weather   and   time   ran   out.   We   will   be   working   on   many streets in the Spring once the plant opens back up for asphalt production. 7.   Chief   Bennett   has   identified   a   key   issue   after   analysis   of   the   2016   accident   reports   finding   parking   and traffic control around the post office needs to be focused on. He   and   his   team   wish   to   remind   everyone   that   it   is   illegal   to   park   against   the   flow   of   traffic   at   any   curb parking   is   allowed   and   that   handicapped   parking   is   by   permit   only   in   designated   areas. Also   any   area   of   a curb   that   is   yellow   is   not   open   to   parking.   Please   consider   if   you   are   parked   at   an   area   of   yellow   curb where   cars   come   out   into   the   main   highway,   it   is   a   major   obstruction   of   sight   for   the   driver   who   cannot   see around   your   vehicle.   Be   mindful   of   the   traffic   markings   as   you   park   for   what   you   may   consider   "just   a minute" and please understand that that minute can cause serious crashes that could have been avoided. 8.   The   depot   renovations   have   halted   due   to   the   failure   of   the   front   retaining   wall.   This   has   caused   a $76,000   increase   that   the   project   does   not   have,   nor   was   it   intended.   It   was   caused   due   to   poor   original construction.   There   was   no   footer,   no   rebar,   and   no   tie   offs   in   that   construction.   This   was   not   imagined   as an   issue.   We   are   working   to   try   to   obtain   more   funding   from   our   grant   source   to   remedy   this   issue.   There is   no   "plan   B"   as   Margaret   said   last   night. Alderson   Main   Street   does   not   have   the   necessary   funding   nor does   the   Town   for   this   unforeseen   issue.   We   are   brainstorming   collectively   to   try   to   find   the   necessary funds to restart the project. Thank   you   for   your   patience   and   understanding   as   we   move   onward   with   the   over   1   million   dollars   of damages   this   disaster   has   caused   us.   There   will   be   more   information   with   full   reporting   coming   soon   to residences within the municipality. Travis