1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
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 4th Annual Tribute To “Bricktop” Join   us   for   the   4th   annual   Tribute   to   “Bricktop”   in Alumni   Park   in Alderson,   WV.   Sunday, September   10   at   6:30   PM   -   8   PM   EDT   The   concert   is   free   and   open   to   everyone.   It   will be    located    in    the    park    on    the    Monroe    County    side    of   Alderson    at    the    end    of    the pedestrian   bridge.   Bring   a   blanket   or   chair   to   enjoy   the   show!   Food   and   drink   will   be available for purchase. Ada   “Bricktop”   Smith   was   born   in Alderson   in August   1894.   She   achieved   fame   as   a   jazz singer   and   dancer,   vaudevillian,   and   nightclub   owner   in   the   ‘20s-‘50s.   She   owned   a   nightclubs   in   Paris, Rome, and Mexico City. ROBINSON,  HOFFMAN, and SELLARDS, a jazz trio Writer/Artist/Vocalist   SUSANNA   ROBINSON   has   been   a   fixture   and   creative   force   in   the   Lewisburg   area for   more   than   25   years.   She   was   a   founding   member   of   long-lived   jazz   combo   Ghost   Town   Swing,   well- known   state-wide   and   beyond   for   their   sultry   interpretations   of   jazz   standards,   and   has   often   been featured   as   guest   vocalist   for   the   Manhattan   Jazz   Quartet.   Robinson   has   also   appeared   with   Ancestor Radio and Sam and Janet Evening, as well as the eclectic Squawkin’ Henry. She   still   returns   to   her   jazz   roots   by   belting   it   out   with   her   own   jazz   trio,   Robinson,   Hoffman,   and   Sellards, formerly   known   as   the   Robinson-Kenga   Trio.      She   has   often   been   an   official   judge   for   a   myriad   of   state- wide   vocal   competitions,   and   has   appeared   occasionally   on   public   radio   and   local   music   radio   shows including Music from the Mountains and Mountain Stage. Joining   her   at   the   4th   annual   Tribute   to   Bricktop   in   Alderson,   WV,   will   be   guitarist   extraordinaire   BILL HOFFMAN,   who   hails   from   Roanoke,   Virginia.   Hoffman   is   known   for   his   flawlessly   smooth   style   and   his sweet   renditions   of   jazz   standards.   He   is   an   exceptional   musician   with   an   amazing   technical   knowledge   of jazz. Hoffman currently plays with several groups including Roanoke’s big band, The Old Timers. Rounding   out   the   trio   is   upright   bassist   JOHN   SELLARDS,   formerly   of   Boston,   and   who   has   very   recently returned   to   his   roots   in   Beckley,   West   Virginia.   Sellards   is   not   only   a   superb   musician,   but   is   a   brilliant music   historian   as   well.   In   demand   as   both   live   player   and   session   musician,   he   is   welcomed   back   to   the mountain   state   with   open   arms,   and   looks   forward   to   being   part   of   the   Bricktop   tribute   in   beautiful   historic Alderson. (Click on photo for larger view)