1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Contact:  Mayor Travis Copenhaver 304-445-2916 / Margaret Hambrick 304-646-2439
SUNNY DAY—EXCELLENT HELPERS The   Alderson   Volunteer   Fire   Department   is   a   busy   place   with   much   going   on   in   the   aftermath   of   the   flooding   of June   23/24.   It   serves   as   the   command   center   for   the   Alderson   Volunteer   Fire   Department   and   the   Town   of Alderson as they coordinate the response to the disaster.  One   of   the   safety   issues   was   propane   tanks.      They   were   secured   if   leaking   and   moved   to   a   central   location   if   they had   been   displaced.      Electricity   could   not   be   turned   on   if   there   was   a   danger   of   an   explosion.      Pump   crews   were pumping out basements and that was especially important if electrical service was located in the basement. Many   calls   were   received   offering   assistance   and   some   people   just   came   with   donations.   Just   a   few   of   the   people who   brought   supplies   were   Justin   Hodges   and   Cory   Jackson   representing   Melissa   Hodges,   Director   of   the Monroe   County   Resources   Network   who   brought   cases   of   water.      Kathy   and   Jeremiah   Michalsky,   who   have   a camp   nearby   and   lost   their   camper   to   the   high   water,   came   with   water   and   cleaning   supplies.      The   Westside   High School   Football   team   from   Clearfork,   WV   sent   water   and   John   Joines   showed   up   with   water   and   bleach.      Many others provided food, cash and clothing.  All were appreciated. Chief   Bennett   said,   “I   am   just   overwhelmed   by   the   sheer   amount   of   people   from   out   of   town   who   are   willing   to lend a helping hand to complete strangers.  People they don’t even know.” Other   special   helpers   include   Timothy   Luce   who,   from   the   onset   of   the   storm,   worked   hand   in   hand   with   the Police   Department   to   rescue   people   and   document   the   unique   work   at   hand.      Dr.   Bridgette   Morrison   volunteered her services in case they were needed. A   crew   of   volunteers   worked   diligently   at   the   Green   Grocer   and   they   have   hopes   of   getting   the   approval   of   the Health Department to open on Monday. A   friend   of Alderson   who   now   lives   away,   set   up   a   GoFundMe   account   for   people   who   would   like   to   contribute   to the   expenses   of   this   horrible   event.      It   is   located   at   gofundme.com/2b9usrmk.       AVFD   President   Frankie   Jones said,   “When   a   disaster   like   this   happens,   the   fire   department   still   has   to   pay   its   bills   and   it   may   be   months   before we   get   any   reimbursement   from   FEMA.      Funds   donated   to   this   account   can   be   used   for   up-front   expenses   and would be greatly appreciated.” Mayor   Travis   Copenhaver   said,   “A   lot   of   the   hard   work   is   still   ahead   but   we   made   a   great   start   toward   getting back to normal today.” PHOTO CAPTIONS:  Clean-up at the Green Grocer. Supplies arrive at the Alderson Volunteer Fire Department.
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