1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Contact:  Mayor Travis Copenhaver 304-445-2916 / Margaret Hambrick 304-646-2439
Alderson Suffers Serious Flood Damage The   Town   of   Alderson   suffered   serous   damage   from   the   Significant   flooding   during   day   and   evening   of lune   23   and   lune   24.   Mayor   Travis   Copenhaver   said,   'We   have   a   mess   here   but   we   are   so   fortunate   not   to have   loss   of   life   or   serious   injury.   All   of   the   agencies   in   Alderson   have   worked   together   exceptionally   well and that resulted in the saving of lives and property." Official   sources   indicate   that   the   flood   level   reached   22   feet   in   the   town.   The   previous   high   levels   were 24.33   feet   in   1996   and   23.95   In   1985.   While   the   destruction   was   terrible,   Alderson   was   less   affected   than some of the surrounding communities. The   emergency   shelter   for   the   Town   of Alderson   is   located   in   the Alderson   Community   Center   for   the Arts and   Humanities.   lust   Lest   week,   thanks   to   a   grant   from   FEMA   and   the   WV   Department   of   Homeland Security,   a   generator   was   Installed   in   the   Community   Center   which   was   able   to   power   the   facility   when   the electricity   went   out.   Those   seeking   shelter   were   able   to   have   lights   and   hot   food   provided   by   Community Center   board   members   and   volunteers.   The   power   is   back   on   in   most   of   Alderson   but   this   shelter   service will be provided as long as there is a need.   Police   Chief   Jeremy   Bennett   was   offered   a   Humm-Vee   several   weeks   as   a   part   of   the   1033   program   which a    long    term    loan    from    the    federal    government.    He    picked    up    the    vehicle    on    Thursday    and    it    was immediately   put   to   work.   As   many   as   25   people   were   rescued   using   the   HummNee   and   boats   from   the Alderson Volunteer Fire Department.   Copenhaver   said,   "ibis   situation   well   be   going   on   for   several   days.   Services   for   displaced   people   are available   at   the   Community   Center;   the   Alderson   Volunteer   Fire   Department   is   pumping   out   basements and   performing   other   safety   services;   many   stores   and   other   businesses   are   back   in   operation.   Our   hearts go out to those in other communities who have actually suffered much worse than we have." The   Mayor   also   said,   'We   also   have   implemented   an   11   p.m.   curfew   throughout   the   town   until   further notice.   It   will   be   enforced   by   a   consortium   of   police   agencies   Including   the   Monroe   County   Sheriffs Department;   the   Summers   County   Sheriffs   Department;   the   Division   of   Natural   Resources;   and   our   own police   officers.   All   of   these   agencies   are   operating   on   memorandums   of   understanding   with   the   Town   of Alderson and have the same police powers throughout the town as our regular officers do"
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Hello   all,   We   are   operating   with   limited   equipment   in   Alderson   right   now.     If you have questions please call me at 304-646-2439. Thanks, especially for helping us get the word out about the curfew. Margaret Hambrick