1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Wolf Creek Gallery Store Of The Month for June 2017 Photos: Causby Parker
Operating   Wolf   Creek   Gallery   for   the   past   20   years   has   given   me   the   opportunity   to   get   to   know   so   many folks,   many   who   come   seasonally   and   are   now   like   family.   I   also   have   learned   to   appreciate   different   parts of Alderson   because   of   the   3   locations   I   have   had.   For   the   past   two   years   I   have   especially   enjoyed   being so close to the historic Alderson Bridge which is such a special landmark. I   currently   have   a   smaller   shop   but   still   have   a   variety   of   items.   I   like   to   try   to   have   something   for   everyone, young   and   old.   I   carry   things   for   the   garden,   home,   "man   cave",   cabin   or   a   special   little   gift   item   and,   of course, the beautiful Wolf Creek calendar. It   has   been   my   pleasure   to   be   part   of   this   community.   Although   not   originally   from   here,   I   have   been   here long   enough   now   to   truly   call   Alderson   my   home.   It   makes   me   thankful   that   my   husband   and   I   drove through here about 40 years ago and thought Alderson looked like a wonderful place to settle down. _Patti Grafton, Wolf Creek Gallery (Click on photos for larger view)