1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Alderson’s Bridgewalk Shops Store of the Month of May 2017
“Ever   since   I   moved   to   Alderson   16   years   ago,   I   have   felt   the   tremendous   potential   of   this   town.   I   have volunteered   to   make   it   better   by   doing   everything   from   cleaning   streets   to   weeding   flowerbeds.   I   am   a long-time member of Alderson Main Street and have been involved in all its festivals and projects. One   thing   the   town   needs   is   more   retail   shops.   We   need   enough   to   make   a   group   of   visitors   see Alderson as   a   destination   for   at   least   half   a   day   of   activities.   BridgeWalk   Shops   is   a   place   where   a   shopper   can easily   spend   a   couple   of   hours.   There   are   10   vendors   with   their   own   areas   but   it   looks   like   a   coordinated whole.   We   try   to   follow   the   current   trends   such   as   painted   furniture   and   mid-century   modern   collectibles. We have a large variety of items for sale. On   the   horizon   is   a   new   venture   in   which   I   am   involved   in   partnership   with   Sam   and   Doris   Kasley.   We   will be   opening   a   new   Bed   and   Breakfast   in   Alderson   called   “The   Old   Victorian   Inn”.   It   is   located   across   from the depot in the old Lemon’s Tourist Home. We will have 4 bedrooms, most with private bathrooms. With   the   completion   of   the   renovation   of   the   outside   of   the   Depot,   the   Barkleys   working   on   the   Woodson- Prince   Building;   BridgeWalk   Shops;   Alderson’s   Store;   Presidio   Studios,   Downstream   Strategies,   and   a doctor   in   the   old   bank   building;   the   Rainelle   Medical   Center   branch;   the   pharmacy;   and   the   pending opening   of   the   B&B,   there   is   a   lot   going   on   in   Alderson.   I   wish   you   could   come   for   a   visit   and   see   the improvements. Need a place to stay????” _ Judy Lewallen   (Click on photo for larger view)
A Message From Judy Lewallen
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