1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Date: February 22, 2018
News Release
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Contact: Annie McMillion, Executive Director, 304-645-3398 director@greenbrierhistorical.org or  Margaret Hambrick, President, 304-646-2439 mchwv44@gmail.com Peggy Boso Ryan Receives History Hero Award On   February   22,   2018   at   the   Culture   Center   in   Charleston,   WV,   Peggy   Boso   Ryan   received   a   state-wide award    for    being    a    “History    Hero.”    Nominated    by    the    Greenbrier    Historical    Society    (GHS)    she    was recognized   for   her   work   as   co-chair   of   the   Volunteer   Committee   of   GHS   where   she   is   a   wonderful   volunteer herself.    During    her    tenure,    she    has    developed    innovative    recruitment    methods    including    holding    a reception for prospective volunteers. Ryan   has   also   helped   increase   outreach   activities   with   local   schools   by   arranging   visits,   locating   and providing   historically   oriented   educational   materials,   and   helping   with   the   activities   when   the   students arrive. Delegate   George   “Boogie”   Ambler   helped   present   Ryan’s   award   and   commented   about   the   tremendous value of volunteers such as Ryan. Margaret   Hambrick,   President   of   the   Board   of   GHS,   said,   “There   is   a   vivaciousness   to   Peggy   that   carries her special spirit to everyone around her. We are so proud to have her recognized as a History Hero.” (Click on photo for larger view)