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GREENBRIER HISTORICAL SOCIETY 814 West Washington Street Lewisburg, WV  24910 304-645-3398                                                                                                                Local Women Receive “Living The Dream” Award On   Monday,   January   15,   The   Martin   Luther   King,   Jr.   State   Holiday   Commission   presented   Pamela   Barry and   Neely   Seams   the   2018   “Living   the   Dream Award”   in   the   area   of   “Sharing   of   Self—Selfless   Leadership in   the   Public   and   Private   Sector”.      Together   they   wrote   and   performed   a   monologue   about   the   life   of   Medal of   Freedom   winner   and   White   Sulphur   Springs   native   Katherine   Coleman   Goble   Johnson   during   the   2017 Greenbrier   Historical   Society   Homes   Tour   Weekend.      In   doing   so,   they   rendered   an   invaluable   service   to others   in   the   public   sector   through   education   and   inspiration.      They   were   nominated   for   this   honor   by   the Board of Directors of the Greenbrier Historical Society. The   award   presentation   was   held   on   Monday,   January   15,   2018   at   9:30 AM   at   the Asbury   United   Methodist Church,   501   Elizabeth   Street,   Charleston,   WV      as   a   part   of   the   Commemoration   and   Celebration   of   Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The   Commission   noted   that   the   original   script   for   the   monologue   was   written   and   directed   by   Pamela   Barry with   the   permission   of   the   Johnson   family.      Barry   did   extensive   research   before   writing   the   script   and incorporated   many   of   Mrs.   Johnson’s   actual   quotes   in   the   script.      Neely   Seams   was   applauded   for   her vibrant   portrayal   of   Katherine   Johnson   which   she   had   the   honor   of   presenting   before   Katherine   Johnson herself in August, 2017. The   Commission   also   said,   “The   script   and   performance   have   made   an   impact   on   all   who   have   viewed   the presentation   of   the   monologue.      It   clearly   provides   inspiration   to   minorities,   women,   and   those   considering careers   in   science   and   math.      The   education   of   the   public   about   the   constraints   of   Jim   Crow   laws,   racism, and sexism exemplifies the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King.” Barry   said,   "I   was   honored   to   receive   the   Martin   Luther   King,   Jr.   State   Holiday   Commission   Sharing   of   Self Award   with   Neely   today.      From   the   moment   I   started   researching   and   then   writing   this   monologue   about Katherine   Coleman   Goble   Johnson   for   the   Greenbrier   Historical   Society,   I   knew   it   was   different   than   the others      I   had   written.   Mrs.   Johnson   is   a   courageous,   intelligent   woman   filled   with   grace   and   dignity   and   very inspiring.   I   loved   writing   and   directing   this   show,   but   for   me,   the   best   part   is   watching   Neely   become   Mrs. Johnson   every   time   she   performs   it.   It   is   powerful.   Today   was   another   great   moment,   added   to   all   the others." Seams   commented,   “"One   of   the   things   I   loved   about   doing   this   monologue   was   the   sense   of   community   it created   among   everyone   who   came.      I   learned   from   it   and   I   think   everyone   else   did.      It   was   great   to   have that recognized through the 'Sharing of Self' award." Margaret   Hambrick,   President   of   the   Board   of   the   Greenbrier   Historical   Society   (GHS)   said,   “We   are   so proud   to   have   this   monologue,   its   creator,   and   its   actor   recognized   for   a   state-wide   award.      We   also   want   to acknowledge   the   acting   of   Danny   Seams;   the   coordination   of   Janice   Cooley;   the   beautiful   setting   in   St. Thomas   Episcopal   Church;   and   the   work   of   the   volunteers   who   provided   the   lovely   “tea”   following   the performance.  It was a team effort.” Because   of   its   potential   impact   on   students,   the   monologue   will   be   presented   to   all   the   high   school   students in   Greenbrier,   Monroe,   and   Pocahontas   Counties   in   March,   2018.      Leaders   in   these   schools   were   ecstatic at   this   opportunity.      The   public   will   also   have   an   opportunity   to   see   the   monologue   at   the   Lewis   Theatre   on March   24,   2018   at   either   2   or   7   p.m.     Tickets,   available   through   GHS,   are   $20.      Please   call   304-645-3398   to purchase or visit the Greenbrier Historical Society/North House Museum. PHOTO CAPTION:  L   to   R:   Mrs.   Patricia   Wilson,   Pamela   Barry,   Neely   Seams,   and   Dr.   William   R.   White   as   Barry   and   Seams are presented with their “Sharing of Self—Selfless Leadership in the Public Sector” award.
Date: January 19, 2018
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