1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
VARIETY IS THE KEY TO THE 2017 HOME TOUR The   Home   Tour   Weekend   (June   9-11),   sponsored   by   the   Greenbrier   Historical   Society,   will   begin   with   stunning   views   from the   Peyton   house   gala   and   end   with   a   heart-warming   tribute   to   the   accomplishments   of   Katherine   Coleman   Johnson   during afternoon tea at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in White Sulphur Springs. In   the   middle   is   the   traditional   tour   of   historic   homes   on   Saturday,   June   10   from   10-5   p.m.      Two   of   the   houses   featured   this year   are   excellent   examples   that   a   well-designed   home   built   of   quality   materials   will   stand   the   test   of   time   and   serve families from one century to another with grace and dignity. The   Cohen   home   was   originally   designed   as   a   girls’   school   near   the   center   of   Lewisburg   and   not   far   from   Greenbrier Military   School.      One   can   just   feel   the   ghosts   of   would-be   students   on   the   third   floor   under   that   mansard   roof   whispering and   giggling   in   their   beds.      However,   it   was   not   to   be   as   the   proposed   school   never   opened   and   no   such   groups   of   girls ever lived in the house.  Henry   Reece   Hodson   purchased   the   land   in   1880   and   is   credited   with   building   the   house   shortly   thereafter.      J.   W.     Benjamin,   in   his   “Personal   Recollections   (of   the   Battle   of   Lewisburg)”   told   that   H.   R.   Hodson   “was   the   soldier   in   Edgar’s Battalion   who   unwittingly   loaded   his   musket   with   a   double   charge   of   powder   and   two   projectiles.      When   Hodson   fired   his super-charged   musket,   the   recoil   knocked   him   unconscious   and   the   projectiles   were   later   reported   by   a   Union   officer   as having (killed) two Union soldiers and (wounded) a third.” Now,   Hodson’s   house   serves   as   the   beautifully   restored   hub   of   a   family   business;   a   welcoming   home   for   grown   children; the domain of two very active dogs; and a health oriented place of relaxation for Dr. and Mrs. Cohen. Patty   Cohen   did   much   of   the   restoration   work   herself   and   the   beautifully   finished   curved   Italianate   window   and   door surrounds are evidence of her skill.  The   elegant   home   of   Mrs.   Lynn   Brody   may   be   best   known   for   its   time   as   the   Daywood   Art   Gallery.      Likely   built   around 1904,   it   served   as   a   family   home   until   1950   when   it   was   purchased   by   Ruth   Woods   Dayton,   who   is   widely   known   as   the author   of   “Greenbrier   Pioneers   and   Their   Homes.”      After   extensive   renovation,   Mrs.   Dayton   opened   the   home   as   the Daywood Art   Gallery   in   1951.      Until   1967   she   used   it   to   display   her   husband’s   extensive   collection   of   late   19th   century   and early   20th   century American   art.     After   the   house   closed   as   a   gallery,   it   was   purchased   by   Mr.   and   Mrs. A.W.   McThenia   who had   recently   sold   “The   Cedars”   in   Alderson.      It   may   have   been   Mrs.   McThenia’s   passion   for   boxwoods   that   left   so   many magnificent   specimens   on   the   grounds.      Mrs.   Brody   has   developed   her   own   enthusiasm   for   “the   box”   and   once   travelled   to National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. for advice on their care. Now   the   home   once   again   shines   with   art—this   time   the   eclectic   collection   that   Dr.   and   Mrs.   Brody   amassed   over   the years.      From   a   delicate   glass   chandelier   purchased   in   Venice   to   batiks   from   Africa   and   Mexico   and   many   lovely   paintings in-between, this gracious home does double duty as both home and private art gallery. Tickets   are   available   at   the   North   House   Museum   and   the   Greenbrier   Convention   and   Visitors   Bureau   in   Lewisburg;   City Hall   in   White   Sulphur   Springs   and   from   GHS   board   members.      Gala   tickets   are   $60;   tour   tickets   are   $30;   and   tea   tickets are   $20.     A   special   value   weekend   package   of   tickets   to   all   three   events   is   available   for   $100.      While   home   tour   tickets   will be   available   at   each   house   on   the   day   of   the   tour,   gala   and   tea   tickets   must   be   purchased   by   June   2.      Please   call   304-645- 3398   for   more   information.      The   Greenbrier   Historical   Society   thanks   The   Greenbrier   Resort   for   helping   to   sponsor   these events. Contact:  Margaret Hambrick  or Nick LaCasse     304-646-2439               304-645-3398
The Cohen home was built to house a girls’ school.
A small formal garden with fountain nestles in the back yard of the Brody home.
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