1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
GREENBRIER HISTORICAL SOCIETY 814 West Washington Street Lewisburg, WV  24910 304-645-3398                                                                                                                Historic Documents From The Blue Sulphur Springs Resort Received This   has   been   a   wonderful   year   for   the   history   of   the   Blue   Sulphur   Springs   Resort.      New   information   has been made available through the Greenbrier Historical Society. Margaret   Crawford   Camicia   and   her   family   donated   the   Resort   Hotel   register   to   the   Greenbrier   Historical Society   in   honor   of   her   mother   Virginia   Blackwell   Buster   Crawford.   It   has   been   digitally   copied   and   is   now on   display   at   the   North   House   Museum   as   a   part   of   the   "Beyer   Exhibit"   of   lithographs   of   many   of   the springs in our area. Jack   Laing   of   Louisville,   KY,   and   formerly   of   Lewisburg,   at   the   suggestion   of   Margaret   Camicia,   has donated   two   "ledgers"   from   the   Blue   Sulphur   Springs   store.   One   dates   back   to   1836   and   the   second   goes into   the   1870s.   They   are   a   treasure   trove   of   information   about   the   supplies   needed   to   run   the   resort   and what local people were buying (and selling!) as well. Morgan   Bunn,   best   known   for   her   cemetery   preservation   work,   reviewed   and   copied   a   large   number   of original   documents   about   the   Blue   at   the   University   of   Tennessee   at   Knoxville.   She   found   original   stock certificates   from   the   Blue   Sulphur   Springs   Turnpike   Company   and   a   handwritten   copy   of   the   original legislation from the State of Virginia which established the turnpike company --and much, much more! The   Friends   of   the   Blue   Committee   of   the   Greenbrier   Historical   Society   has   been   writing   grant   requests   and receiving   some   funds   to   be   used   as   matching   money   for   larger   grants.     They   hope   to   be   able   to   contract   for more work on the pavilion in 2018. Alex   McLaughlin,   Chair   of   the   Friends   of   the   Blue,   said,   “We   are   pleased   to   have   the   pavilion   stabilized   and eager to move forward toward full restoration.  Please join us in our efforts.” PHOTO CAPTIONS: The Blue Sulphur Spring Resort Hotel guest register on display at the North House Museum in Lewisburg. Random page from the ledger from the Blue Sulphur Spring store. (Click on photos for larger view)
Date: Dec 28, 2017
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