1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
NATIONAL JARRETT REUNION PLANNED Greenbrier Historical Society - May 2, 2016
James,   Jesse,   Owen   or   David   Jarrett   who   came   to   the   Greenbrier   Valley   of   (now)   West   Virginia   in   the   1770s were   some   of   the   earliest   permanent   settlers.   While   Jesse,   Owen   and   David   are   thought   to   have   moved   on   in a   few   years,   James   stayed   to   raise   a   large   family.   Some   claim   he   had   as   many   as   24   children. Again,   many   left the   Greenbrier   Valley   but   several   stayed   to   raise   their   own   families.   All   descendants   of   the   four   Jarrett brothers   are   invited   to   a   reunion   of   Jarrett   descendants   on   Saturday,   June   4,   2016   at   the   James   Jarrett   House (Fairhill) near Alderson, West Virginia. Margaret   Hambrick,   a   Jarrett   descendant   and   owner   of   the   James   Jarrett   House,   said,   “We   are   expecting   a large crowd. We have had attendance confirmations from as far away as Alaska and California.” Planned   from   10-4   with   a   catered   lunch   at   noon,   visitors   will   have   the   opportunity   to   tour   the   James   Jarrett House,   talk   with   many   relatives,   take   a   hay-ride,   and   learn   more   family   history.   If   you   have   a   question   or   to make a reservation, please leave a message on the face book page. https://www.facebook.com/JarrettFamilyReunion2016,  or call 716-570-1722. This   event   is   being   partially   sponsored   by   the   Greenbrier   Historical   Society   and   coordinated   by   John   Jarrett (NY) and Margaret Hambrick (WV). Lunch reservations must be received by May 20, 2016.