1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Alderson,   WV   has   a   population   of   less   than   1200,   but   this   small   town   goes   big   for   the   Fourth   of   July   and   has   from   more than   50   years.   Its   five   day   Fourth   of   July   celebration   is   the   largest   in   West   Virginia   and   a   Southeast   Tourism   Society   Top 20 Event. The   Alderson   celebration   is   unique   due   to   the   numerous   family   activities   that   are   available.   Families   flock   to   Greenbrier River   for   the   canoe   races,   where   categories   range   from   husband   &   wife,   father   &   son   to   the   6   person,   no   paddles   race. More   family   time   can   be   found   at   the   cornhole   tournament,   ice   cream   social   and   field   events   where   parents   sprint   50 yards hand in hand with their kid. The   staple   of   every   4th   of   July   is   the   parade   and Alderson’s   does   not   disappoint.   It   includes   fire   trucks   from   four   counties, floats, old-time cars, kids on red, white and blue decorated bicycles and equally attired horses. Alderson, WV really does go all out for the Fourth of July. Kristi B Godby Media Relations Manager See photos here.
Small Towns that Go All Out for the 4th of July - Alderson, WV Greenbrier County Convention and Visitors Bureau