1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Movie In Alderson Causby "Scoop" Parker - October - 13, 2016 Maybe   you   have   heard   the   hype   that   a   movie   company   is   filming   our   W.   V.   towns?   They   have   been   in Alderson   all week   and   are   filming   at   the   depot   today.   They   were   at   the   Big   Wheel   yesterday   &   @   Stuart's   Hot   Dog   stand   day Sat   or   Sun.   If   you   will   notice   the   depot   has   received   a   lot   of   paint   since   last   report.   Town   actually   looks   busier than Mayberry. LOL This is our little Mayberry & we Love it! Respectfully Causby "Scoop" Parker. Day   two   of   the   movie   shoot   for   "What   the   Night   Can   Do"   will   make   delays   on   the   Monroe   side   after   9am   today. Our   police   department   will   be   detouring   traffic   while   the   focus   of   attention   is   the   historic   depot   shot   today.   Please be mindful and allow a little extra time. We   all   know   this   doesn't   happen   often   here   in   Mayberry   and   we   aren't   cutting   down   the   "old   oak   tree"   and   Andy and his team aren't wearing "smokey bear parade uniforms." One benefit, you may get diverted across the Memorial Old Bridge though.... That doesn't happen often either. --Town of Alderson.