1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
 Lions and Authors and Books ...Oh My! Part 7 of "The New Alderson" Series Causby Parker - April 24, 2015 (Click on photos for larger view) Starting off 4/25/2015, on a cold, rainy, Saturday morning, we began a new adventure in 42 degree temps, but luckily we have the former Alderson High School Gym in which is now the Alderson Community Center, to have our authors display  their books. Norman Jordon, writer of internationally loved poetry was on hand to sell and sign some of his beloved poetry. He is the  founder of the African-American Arts and Heritage Academy. He serves as President and Chief Financial officer and is  one of the leading African-American poets in W. V. As I spoke with him, he smiled and said, "I'm 77 now and have been  writing for about 65 years." While scanning through one of his books, I spotted a priceless little quote of his, " I'm not  afraid of graying hair or wrinkled hands; I'm most Afraid of a failing mind!" He was born in Anstead ( Fayette County) W. V., later his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he attended public  schools and then served four years in the U. S. Navy. When he came back to Anstead in 1977, he enrolled in West  Virginia University, where he received a bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theater & two years later he earned a Master of  Arts in African - American studies @ Ohio State University. A published poet and playwright, he has 38 books of poetry  to his credit. Also, " on deck" was Kirk Judd, a member of the Appalachian Literacy League. He was a founding member and former  president of W. V. Writers Inc. He is also a founding member of , and creative writing instructor for, Allegheny Echoes  Inc., dedicated to the support and preservation of W. V. cultural heritage arts. Author of three collections of poetry, 1986, "Field of Vision" ,1996 " Tao Billy", and 2014 "My People Was Music". He was co-editor of the widely acclaimed " Wild Sweet Notes" He has 50 years of W. V. Poetry from 1950-1999.  I do apologize for not getting around to everything that was on the program._Causby If You Would Like To Comment, Click Here