1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Carriage Ride @ The Blue Sulphur Springs Pavilion Causby Parker - May 17, 2015 (Click on photos for larger view) Sunday, 5/17/2015, 1:45 p.m. we began to gather at the Pavilion gateway, cameras in hand, anxiously awaiting the  arrival of Mary Swim & & Norma Bowyer. There was a threat of thunderstorms , but it was sunny at the time, a nice warm  breeze blowing, with black clouds heading our way. Ward & Causby Parker, & members of the Friends of the Blue  Committee ; Margaret Hambrick, Irma Smith- Cadle, & Skip Deegans were on hand to welcome our guests of honor.  Leaving the McLaughlin's "Diamond House" (where they all dressed & hooked the horses to the carriage) They traveled  the Jarrett cutoff road to the Pavilion. Alex's daughter, Mary Elizabeth brought Chip, the caretaker for the horses, to the  site of the pavilion. Chip took a very firm hand on the horses, to keep them calm, during the demonstrations of the horn  and the information shared on the horses & the carriage. Mary Swim, guest of honor and her friend Norma Bowyer, arrived in their period dress hats, Mary in her red velvet gown  with black trim, and her matching black parasol, trimmed in red roses, looking very festive. Raymond & Lynn Tuckwiller owners of the horses & carriage looked very dapper in their livery. The beautiful sounds  echoed over the valley , as Raymond blew the coach horn , announcing danger warnings and arrivals along the way as  the coachmen did in days of yore. They made quite the elegant arrival. Mary & Norma were overjoyed with the wonderful ride. Mary said she had been on a mule ride in New Orleans 2 years  ago. One weekend last year , they were just driving around here in W.V. and happened up on the Blue and thought it  was so neat. Then when she started seeing ads for the Kickstarter campaign, for its' restoration, she became very  interested in winning the carriage ride. As they left the Pavilion, they drove out past Cathy Lineberry-Bolts' house, just beyond the Pavilion, then turned and went back to the "Diamond " House by way of Blue Sulphur Rd. and turned onto Spring Valley Rd. "Chip", Caretaker of the horses. If You Would Like To Comment, Click Here Keep all this in mind as you enjoy the pictures I have taken for your enjoyment. It was indeed a day to remember, for all who witnessed it. For more information on the carriages, click here