1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Across The Bridge In The Spring Causby Parker - May 1,  2015 (Click on photos for larger view) In   her   journey   to   cover   all   the   “new   businesses”   during   the   grand   opening   of   same,   Causby   stopped   to   take   a   few   shots from   the   Memorial   Bridge   as   she   walked   to   the   Monroe   side   and   back. After   all,   it   is   one   place   where   you   can   stand   on   a single   structure   and   see   the   most   of   the   town.   Although   not   that   relevant   in   the   presentation   of   “new   businesses”, something   else   became   obvious.   With   a   lot   of   green   in   the   grass   and   trees,   it   is   evident   that   spring   has   come   to Alderson for 2015. More birds will be singing and days will become warmer. After the winter snows, it is certainly welcome.