1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Causby Tours 5 Causby Parker - 10-16-14 (Click on photos for larger view)
Welcome   to   The   Causby   Photo   Tours.   Causby   Parker   has   set   out   to   photograph   places   and   buildings   in   Alderson and   give   some   information   about   them.   Some   are   the   way   we   have   always   remembered,   while   some   are   not. There   are   links   at   the   bottom   of   the   page   will   take   you   to   the   previous   tour   and   the   next   one.   Please   take   time to comment. Causby is doing this out of passion for our little town. We hope you enjoy the Causby Photo Tours.
Back   view   of   the   Post   Office,   built   in   1935   (For   more   information   of   the   post   office,   see The History of Alderson West Virginia ).
Back   of   Peg   Withrow's   store   (later   Sam   Bennett's   Barber   Shop   &   Laundromat)   Back   "in   the   day”,   probably   50's,   Tommy Knapp   was   a   Justice   of   the   Peace   &   Notary   Public.   He   had   a   tiny   little   "building"   right   at   the   back   of   this   store,   on   the corner   across   Wickham Ave.   from   the   Post   Office. There   was   once   a   barber   shop   in   the   basement   down   a   set   of   steps   in front of this building, below street level 4. Front view of Withrow's Store, now owned by Darrell McCallister.
Empty   lot   beside   Withrow's   is   where   Lobban's   Furniture   Store   used   to   be.   At   Christmas time   they   had   a   "Toy   Land"   upstairs   with   electric   trains   running   &   dolls,   "red   rocket" wagons,   Daisy   B.B.   Guns,   they   had   it   all!   Lobban's   Funeral   Home   began   in   the   back   of the   Furniture   Store   (as   remembered   by   Cricket   Duff.)   When   they   left   there,   they   built   the current building.) This property is now owned by Michelle Bowles.,
The   building   on   the   left:   Downstairs   is   where   "Tubby"   & Bertha     Kirby     had     a     mini     grocery     store,     now,     rental apartment   upstairs   and   little   antique   shop   to   the   right   of downstairs.   In   the   50's,   this   building   housed   Jim   Russell’s appliance store on the left, and on the right, Dixon Printery.
The   empty   lot   to   the   left   of   the   old   Theater   building   once   housed   (J.J.   Townly's   little   store notions, like a 5 & 10 cent store) For more on Townley, click here .
The   theater.   I   think   was   originally   owned   by   the   Russells, then   became   the   Alpine.   The   marquee   was   removed   long ago   but   you   can   still   see   where   it   was   attached   to   the building. Currently owned by Dick & Vivian Pranulis. The    building    attached    to    the    theater    had    Dave    Gwinns beer   joint,   and   in   later   it   was   Flint   Brothers   Beer   Joint.   The west   side   of   the   building   was   the   Creamery   operated   by Rutter   Pugh.   In   the   late   60's,   I   think   Jack   Hunter   also   had   a grocery store here.
The   empty   lot   on   the   corner   of   this   block;   This   comes   through   John   McCurdy,   from   Glenna   Grose   Cather   (class   of   49) She   states:   "Grandmother,   Mrs.   Russell,   built   a   playground   there   for   her   grandchildren   and   any   one   else   that   wanted   to use   it.   There   were   monkey   bars   and   swings. A   rope   swing   in   the   big   tree,   some   kind   of   a   ride   that   you   set   on   and   it   went around   and   I   am   not   sure   what   else.   There   was   never   a   house   on   it   in   my   memory   and   I   always   assumed   that   my grandparents   owned   the   property-they   always   took   care   of   it-mowing,   cleaning   up   etc..   I   have   a   picture   of   Eve   Reese playing   on   one   of   the   bars   if   I   can   find   it.   Brings   back   good   memories.!!"   (I   was   told,   by   Vivian   Harness   -   Shepherd   that Woody Lemons, at one time had 3 house trailers on this corner lot.)
The   pictures   on   the   left   and   middle,   are   behind   the   empty   corner   lot.   As   was   told   to   me,   by   Carolyn   Jones-Eggleston, this   lot   used   to   hold   a   two   story   white   house,   owned   by   Leonard   Bowyer's Aunt,   Catherine   Ballard-Jones. The   picture   on the   right   is   across   the   street   from   the   empty,   corner   lot, This   is   a   back   and   front   view   of   what   used   to   be   the   home   of   the Russell’s   and   later,   Woody   Lemon's   Tourist   Home,   and   now   owned   by   Dr.   Charles   Lilly,   a   dentist   from   White   Sulphur Springs, who now has the house up for sale.