1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
Reflections, Observations, Resolutions Barry Worrell - September 4, 2017
Reflections It's   been   almost   20   years   since   the   Aldersonian   made   it’s   appearance   on   the   Internet.   Starting   out   as   an exercise   in   website   building,   and   with   a   few   articles   from   folks   like   Dan   Duff,   I   was   greatly   encouraged   to achieve   a   similarity   to   the   Aldersonian   we   read   while   in   school.   I   solicited   photos   and   more   articles,   and email addresses to build a mailing list to keep all who were interested updated. I   looked   at   several   copies   of   the   printed   version   in   ordered   to   see   what   was   covered   when   the   paper   was   in print.   The   school   of   course,   was   the   main   focus   with   news   and   photos   of   the   student   body   and   sporting news.      Advertising   from   the   town’s   businesses   filled   as   much   space   as   the   paper   could   get.   News   of   the city wasn’t always in the there, but did show up every now and then. I   had   my   format,   but   like   any   entity   that   is   allowed   to   exist,   it   starts   to   evolve,   be   it   for   better   or   worse.   It   got better,   thanks   to   the   Aldersonians   that   sent   photos,   articles   and   information   on   many   subjects,   and   the positive   comments   from   the   readers.   Now   the Aldersonian   has   a   listing   of   all   graduates   form Alderson   High School,   many   articles   from   the   alumni,   and   history   of   not   only   the   schools   of   Alderson,   but   the   city   itself. Also,   you   can   find   out   about Alderson   Community   Center,   Alderson   Hospitality   House,   Alderson   Main Street,   Greenbrier   River   Flood   Status,   Obituaries   and   businesses.   Approximately 1950   pages   of   school history, town history, general interest articles and photos. Observations Today,   most   of   the   newest   additions   are   updates   from   Alderson   Main   Street,   Town   of   Alderson,   sprinkled with   a   few   articles   from   the   alumni,   messages   from   some   businesses,   and   obituaries.   To   quote   a   famous line   from   Seinfeld.   “Not   that   there’s   anything   wrong   with   that”.   It   should   be   mentioned   that   Causby   Parker, who   a   couple   of   years   ago,   did   a   life’s   time   of   work   in   one   year   bringing   you   her   Photo   Tours   of   the   city   of Alderson.   She   is   still   sending   photos   and   information   that   are   of   interest   to   the   reader. As   for   my   part   in   all this,   I’m   still   taking   suggestions   from   anyone,   and   from   my   own   ideas,   I   research   to   find   history   and   photos that have never appeared on the Aldersonian and try to find out some history behind the photos. Resolutions Subsequently,   I   will   continue   to   take   what   the   fine   folks   of,   and   from   Alderson   share   with   me,   and   gladly share   it   with   you,   the   readers.   I   do   know   that   not   everyone   is   on   Face   Book   (or   any   social   media)   or   lives   in Alderson,   and   I   feel   compelled   not   leave   them   out   of   the   loop.   I’m   excited   to   have   a   new   focus   for   the Aldersonian,   and   that’s   history.   I   expect   to   have   possibly,   5   to   10   more   years   left   to   work   on   the Aldersonian and I want to do more. My   son   has   agreed   to   keep   the   Aldersonian   on   the   Internet   after   I’m   gone.   I   don’t   think   there   is   a   more complete   compilation   of   history   about   the   schools   of   Alderson   and   the   history   of   Alderson   and   its   people, than this website. I feel honored that I was allowed to do it.