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ALDERSON MAIN STREET - NEWS RELEASE P.O. Box 117, Alderson, WV  24910 January 11, 2017 Contact Alderson Main Street Improving The Community One Project At A Time
AMS Meeting And Coming Events
Dear Main Street Member and Friends, This   to   to   let   you   know   about   some   upcoming   opportunities   and   remind   you   of   our   meeting   on   Thursday, January   19,   2017   at   7:00   p.m.   in   the   Council   Room   at   City   Hall.   There   is   a   lot   to   discuss   including   a review of our holiday activities and a report on the Depot. Please come. ALSO,   January   begins   the   new   membership   year!   Your   membership   dues   are   due!   It   is   $15   per   individual and   $25   per   business.   While   everyone   is   welcome   at   our   meetings,   we   encourage   you   to   become   a member because it gives you voting rights on any issues that come up. There   will   be   a   Grow   Appalachia   information   and   sign-up   session   on   Saturday,   January   14,   2017   from 12:30   pm   to   2:30   pm   at   the Alderson   Green   Grocer. Attached   is   a   flyer   for   the   event.   Please   pass   it   on   and come if you are interested. The Annual   Meeting   of   the Alderson   Community   Food   Hub   will   be   held   on   Sunday,   January   22   from   3-5   at the Green Grocer. An   All   Nations   Prayer   Day   will   be   held   on   January   21   at   6pm   in   the   auditorium   at   Rhema   Christian Church.   This   event   is   being   organized   as   a   show   of   support   for   people   of   all   ethnicities   in   our   area.   There will   be   no   political   agenda--only   uplifting   talks   about   the   importance   of   welcoming   everyone   into   our community. The   Martin   Luther   King   Day   celebrations   in   Lewisburg   will   occur   on   January   16.   The   weather   should   be much better this year for the march. The schedule of activities is in the local papers. Happy New Year!
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