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ALDERSON MAIN STREET - NEWS RELEASE P.O. Box 117, Alderson, WV  24910 October 26, 2017 Contact Alderson Main Street Improving The Community One Project At A Time
Hello Main Street members and friends, Some   of   you   may   be   wondering   what   is   going   on   with   the   Food   Hub   now   that   the   Green   Grocer   is   closed.     They   have   relocated   their   office   to   share   the   space   F.O.L.G.R.   rents   in   the   Visitors   Center.      The   great benefit   for   Main   Street   is   that   their   staff   will   keep   the   Visitors   Center   open   on   a   regular   basis.      We   will   post the hours soon. Now, here is an opportunity to learn more and help them move toward the future!  Please come if you can! The Food Hub will be holding a potluck and membership meeting: Tuesday November 14, 5pm-7:30pm Alderson Hospitality House, 203 High Street Please   bring   a   dish   or   side   to   share;   coffee   and   tea   will   be   provided.   We'll   gather   and   eat   from   5pm   to 6:30pm, and Lieselotte Heil has very kindly offered to play music for us! We'll   then   meet   from   6:30   to   7:30.   Board   members   and   staff   will   give   updates   on   the   Food   Hub,   our various projects, things in the works, and invite your input and involvement. Please   note   that   this   doesn't   replace   our   annual   membership   meeting,   which   is   required   to   be   held   in   the first   three   months   of   each   year.   Rather,   this   is   a   less   formal   opportunity   to   gather   as   a   Food   Hub community. Also,   we   are   seeking   candidates   who   are   passionate   about   the   Food   Hub's   mission   to   join   our   Board   of Directors   for   a   two   year   term   (January   2017   -   December   2019.)   Please   contact   me   or   any   board   member directly if you have questions about this, and might be interested. We look forward to seeing you on November 14! Best, Daniel Daniel Gregor, Executive Director Alderson Community Food Hub PO Box 98, Alderson, West Virginia 24910 (304) 445-7893 www.AldersonFoodHub.org